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I downloaded some TV shows a couple of months ago and they automatically copy to my precious start up drive space by way of iTunes. I do not want the TV shows anymore and have been deleting them from the iTunes space and the Apple TV space but they keep redownloading and coming back when I log onto iTunes. I now find myself re-deleting them about twice a week. I am afraid to ever buy another TV show as I may be permanently stuck with it.

I can delete songs on iTunes, why can't I delete TV shows? I made a backup copy of one of my shows that I did want to keep and moved it to a separate drive, but these other shows I am sick of. Help!

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 30" Apple Cinema, Apple TV, iPhone, and 5TB of external drives
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    You should be able to click on the "TV Shows" section of the LIBRARY in the left panel, not in the DEVICES section, right-click the show in the main panel and choose 'delete' from the pop-up menu. Click the "remove" button then "Move to trash" in the next dialog window - that will remove the file from the drive.

    Then I click on the Apple TV item under DEVICES and press the Sync button (I sync manually).

    Is this what you do?
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    I think my main problem is that if you go under Check For Available Downloads in iTunes they always are there. Maybe I need to contact Apple to get them to take them off? I will try your idea and then contact Apple.

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    I figured this out.

    If you buy a TV show on your Apple TV you are automatically also buying the same TV show on iTunes. It is not sufficient to watch the show on Apple TV and delete it there if the iTunes never had a chance to deliver the show to your computer. It will continue to try to deliver the show no matter how many times you delete the partially delivered shows on iTunes. To get it to stop you must allow the iTunes to complete the delivery of the show, so it knows it completed its transaction. Then you can delete the show on iTunes or move it to another drive. If you don't delete it from iTunes it will copy the show back to your Apple TV again. If you delete or move the completed downloaded show from iTunes then Apple TV will delete the show on Apple TV. iTunes on your computer has preferential control over the Apple TV. As far as I can tell there is no way to keep the TV shows on Apple TV and not have them in disk space on iTunes.
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    did you try deleting the file from your purchased folder in itunes? This should remove the show from showing up in your itunes and ATV. Be sure to empty your recycle bin as well. hope that helps.