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Hey there. I just did an "erase and install" Mac OS X on my MacBook and am re-installing my music software. I have iLife '08 (GarageBand), all five Jam Packs (not Voices), and Logic Studio (I bought the Jam Packs for GarageBand before Logic Studio came out and I decided to buy it). Anyways, I have installed GarageBand on my recently wiped clean operating system, but have not installed the Jam Packs. I am in the process of installing Logic Studio as we speak, and am installing the Jam Packs to Logic from the 3 "Jam Pack Content" discs that come with Logic. I have a few questions regarding this:

1.) Will installing the instruments/loops to Logic from the "Jam Pack Content" discs that came with Logic be the same, in effect, as if I had installed them from the actual separate 5 GarageBand Jam Packs? Would there have been any advantage or reason to install them from the separate 5 GarageBand discs and not through Logic with the 3 content discs?

2.) What if I want to use GarageBand instead of Logic some time? Having installed the Jam Packs through the "Jam Pack Content" discs that came with Logic, will the instruments/loops be available in GarageBand now as well? If not, is there something I can do to make them available in GarageBand without having to install them all over again from the 5 GarageBand Jam Pack discs, which I imagine would waste much time and memory?

3.) Finally, now that I have installed the Jam Packs to Logic via the content discs that came with Logic, would there be any benefit or reason whatsoever for me to install the 5 GarageBand Jam Packs?

Any information in regard to any of these questions will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    I'm pretty sure that the Jam Packs, in terms of content, are exactly the same. The big difference are the format of the loops. The old Jam Packs were in .aiff format, while the ones that come with Studio are a new .caf format. There are a couple of slight difference: the .caf files are smaller, and so they will take up less room on your HD, which is a good thing. However, if you like to use the loops in other programs besides Logic and GB, or in earlier versions of these programs (if, for example, you were still using Logic 7 as well as 8), those programs may not be able to understand this format.

    Logic 8 and Garageband 08 both can use and understand .caf files, so if those are the only programs you're using these loops with, then I see no reason to hold on to your old Jam Packs. The new ones will serve you well. And when you install them with Logic, your Garageband should be able to see and use them just fine.

    Good Luck!
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    That's great information -- great response. Thanks a lot -- I think that answers all my questions -- much appreciated.