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I wonder if anyone out there encounter the same problem. For some strange reason I can’t connect to my home wi-fi network anymore, however iPhone telling me that is connected under wi-fi preferences, but then again I can’t see wi-fi icon in top-left corner of the screen. Also internet via wi-fi is not working neither. You can see that clearly on attached picture.
I have managed to reset network settings and checked my Time Capsule and I got internet connection with rest of my hardware. So it must be iPhone issue.
Any help will be much appreciated.

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  • icebike Level 3 Level 3 (740 points)
    Connecting is not the same as getting a proper IP address.
    So it might be able to connect, but for some reason it can't negotiate
    a proper IP.

    I would use the Blue Arrow, and forget this network and start

    Also if the router is on some high-numbered channel, you might lock
    it down to a channel below 7, use WPA, and 801.11G.

    The iphone can connect to 801.11G/B but it can't connect to 801.11N
    and it can get confused trying.