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How do you delete the custom workouts? Manual says they store them, butt hen gives directions on how to delete with ipod touch and not Nano. Am I missing something (possible

Any ideas?


MBP, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    I haven't found a short way to do this but here is the long way. You can dig through the folders on your iPod and delete the custom workouts manually. (On a Mac, open a finder window, open the Go menu and choose Go to folder. Type the following: /Volumes/(Your iPod's Name)/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer/Workouts/Empeds (entering the name you've given your iPod after the second slash). Open the numbered folder and you'll see a Quickstart folder which contains the data for each custom workout. You can delete them here.
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    That worked, thanks.
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    So, I tried using your instructions and although I was able to find the quickstart folder and delete the workout I need to be rid of, when I undock my iPod Nano 4G, it still shows the workout.

    Is there somewhere else I need to delete files to make this go away? This is terribly frustrating and not as intuitive as I'd expect.
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    The files in the Quickstart folder correspond to the custom workout shortcuts that appear on the main Nike+Ipod menu under New Workout, Settings, and History. If you're perhaps trying to delete the completed workouts in the History folder on your Ipod, you can do this directly on the Ipod when it is undocked. Select the workout you want to delete and when it shows the stats for that run, just hold the center button down a little longer than you'd think you should have to (about 2 or 3 seconds) and it will give you an option to either delete workout or delete all workouts.
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    Thanks, that worked. According to the wife, she didn't have to hold the button so long on her 2G nano but after I posted my inquiry, I found it myself. Greatly appreciate your quick response though, thank you very much!