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I've been using the adaptor for about a week now on a KDS monitor which worked fine. When I tried it on a Samsung monitor yesterday it didn't work -- the monitor didn't detect anything was connected. Well now that I'm back on the KDS monitor, it won't detect the MacBook Pro either.

I plan to stop by the apple store and see what's going on, but in the meantime does it sound like something needs to be reset? Do I have a bad port? A bad adaptor?

Anyone else have a similar problem?

MacBook Pro late 2008, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    I've read that people are having problems with this adapter and Samsung displays/TVs. Not sure why. The adapter is working well (so far) with my Westinghouse HDTV.
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    Some more interesting notes...

    When my KHS monitor stops working (because I try the Samsung), I can logout of "Better performance" mode and go to "Better Battery Life", and then log out and go back to "Better performance", this resets the port and I can connect back to the KHS monitor -- after trying the Samsung and failing.

    Using the DVI adaptor does work with the Samsung monitor so I guess that is my route for now.