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I had left the PC world with thousands of photos in the Picasa folder and am gettng used to iPhoto. On October 28 I noticed an offer from Crossover for a free download of its lesser cousin "Crossover for Games". I made the download which took hours on dial-up, the curse of living in the boonies. It t enabled me to import of an old European card game off a ten-year old CD.

I then transferred some off my old Gateway, using a 2 gig thumb drive. Even that went well. I then gambled to treat this limited and free edition of Crossover as the "real" (for pay) converter and it accepted the latest edition of Picasa2 (v.3 is in beta, I think...) and now I have it on the iMac. Is it possible that this Google product is considered a game?

I was even able to see old CDs with videos whose audio was muted on the PC and is now clearly audible on the iMac, 2 gig, 20 inch. I thought I should pass this on because Google has been teasing us for years with a Mac version of Picasa3 yet v.2 is apparently easily imported.

iMac v.X, Leopard, Mac OS X (10.5), Panasonic still and video cameras, Picasa2, Gateway with Win XP2