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Hi everyone,
I was playing The Sims 2 earlier and I wanted to look something up on the internet at the same time. Being that I recently converted to Mac, I naturally pressed Alt+Tab (or Command+Tab) and nothing happened. So anyway, is it possible to minimize fullscreen applications in OS X?


Black 16GB iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Top left of the window: the green button will minimise the window, the yellow button will make the window go to the Dock as an icon.
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    Some games do not relinquish control from full screen. There may be settings to allow it to be played in a window, which should allow you to regain control.
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    Well, The Sims is not a game you want to play in "Window" mode. It's a full-screen one that you could minimise on Windows OS. I am a Mac convert and absolutely love my mac, and I have eventually got used to not doing things the Windows way, which has worked fine so far. But with some things, like minimising the game, it's just annoying not being able to do it yet! (I bet there must be a solution). I've tried fn F12 to minimise the window, as well as combo of cmd + tab, cmd + alt + tab, etc etc etc. Nothing seems to work. In any case, it has to be aspyr or EA games the ones who make a key compatibility in order for OS X users to be able to do this!!!

    Anyone else?? Any answers??
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    Have you tried the Esc key?
    Most movies and other FullScreen apps use Esc to return control to the desktop.
    You can also use the Cmd-h to hide it.

    If you hold down the Cmd key before double-clicking the game you can play it in a windowed mode and make the window as large as you wish.
    There are instructions for this in the Sims readme file.

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