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Hi all

I would like to get some (third party?) DJ software so I can create some of my own mixes with my iTunes music. I have purchsed around £700 worth of music through iTunes so I need something that will work with Apples DRM. I would also like something that will let me use my own playlists as well as create new ones.

The cost is not particularly relevant, I just need something good, reliable and that actually works !

Any recommendations?

Many thanks


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    Oh, forgot to add... This is for MY OWN USE only

    I found (and have tried) this software http://www.myxoft.com/

    I've downloaded it and it works up to a point, you can't use existing playlists etc., but it will work with DRM encoded tracks purchased through the iTunes store.

    The reason I want to try other software is that i've tried emailing this company and have not received any replies to my questions. The software was last updated quite some time ago and i'm wondering if they've gone out of business.