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This PB G4 15" is still working very well. The only problem is this power cord situation. After the 10th power plug, I duck taped the housing to the laptop so that it would not wiggle loose and make the small fizzle it has done when the cord is not making connection. Was working for a little over a week, and now, despite the sturdy duck tape housing I made, the battery is no longer charging. I fear I have fried yet another power cord. Is it worth taking it to a repair to replace this bad connection?

17" macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    10 of them? If after the second one you received a bad cord, it says, you need to read this article I wrote*:


    If you are taking as good care as I suggest there, it says either your power supply inside the machine is bad, or outside, because having multiple cords fail the same way is unlikely unless there is some bad external influence.

    Be sure your electrician certifies your power port on your wall as safe for the amount of energy the machine needs. Use an APC surge protector if not. While they may not 100% protect you against lightning, at least they'll give your machine the regular current it needs.

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