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I just got a brand new macbook pro today. Ordered it from Best Buy online, closest apple store is 200 miles away. First thing I did was swap in my 320 gig hard drive from my Mac Mini. Formatted it and reinstalled a clean version of the OS. I made a time machine backup and after the install I did the option to restore the backup.

Everything is actually working, all my apps are there, all my pics and music and ect. But it seems slower then the mini. Launching apps and booting up seems to take a while. I checked the system profiler and its still profiled for the mini although it shows all the hardware for the macbook. I'm new to mac. Just made the switch a few months ago. I've also been a pc Tech for 15 years so I'm not afraid to dig in, I just don't know where to dig.

I found that I had parallels booting in the startup and removed that. But I don't have any idea where else to look to see if something isn't running right. It seems like software or driver issues, or something else not hitting right.

Also is there an app that I can use to benchmark this machine just to see if this is all in my head or not?

Right now I'm downloading updates. So far my first impressions of this new MacBook. WOW what an awesome machine.

Also I took the original hard drive, formatted it and stuck it in the mini. The mini is sold so I cant put the original hard drive back in to see if there is an increase in performance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 2nd gen
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    After the updates and the reboot it seems to be running quite a bit better. I may have fixed my own problem.

    I wouldnt mind a few tips anyway just to check to make sure this is optomized and running as best it can.
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    I found your post utterly confusing. You restored a backup from the Mac Mini?

    I've no idea exactly what you did. But I can tell you you should do a fresh reinstall, and don't restore anything like apps etc from a backup. Only restore documents/music/pictures etc from the backup of an entirely different system.
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    You can't do that?

    Yeah like I said I'm new to this. Backed up my mini, then after the os install there is an option to restore from a backup. Thats why I backed it up in the first place, I knew the option was comming. I thought it would be Mac easy, like everything else. And it actually worked pretty well.

    I'll try what you said and see if that helps. If I have anyting else on my backup will I be able to retreive it if I need it?
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    I moved all of my music, photos, documents, and applications over to my macbook pro through time machine. Why is it not a good idea to do this for applications?
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    I think I figured it out. I never installed my Apps DVD. Actually its runing a lot better.
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    Doing a full backup of an old computer, then restoring it on a new computer, basically overwrites all the new files with older ones. Bad idea.

    As the poster above already mentioned, when you buy a new computer you want to move over your data - document files, pictures, music, etc. But not everything on the system.

    If it were me I'd start fresh, format your drive, load the OS from the install DVD, fresh install your apps, then move across your data files.