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I'm trying to correct a problem similar to what "Hayo Baan" is encountering in Preview (see his earlier post, today); i.e., margins being cut off, etc., when printing a .pdf file from Preview. I have other, similar problems, all related to a print setup option that has "gone missing."

In general, I can't find any dialogue similar to what was / is "Page Setup" in earlier pre-Leopard versions of Preview and in most other applications that Print. As a result, there are a whole host of decisions that I can't make or modify, including sizing the document for printing, etc.

Am I missing an obscure or hidden -- or obvious -- equivalent of the Page Setup fuctionality? Help, please... !

New 2 GHz dual g5, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Okay, I'll answer my own question. I used my eyes (and, belatedly, my brain!)...

    Although "Page Setup" has been zapped, the "Print" dialogue box has been enhanced to include most of the functionality of Page Setup.

    To solve my -- and other users' -- problems with clipped printing of pages (and choose many other "fine tuning" options), all you need to do is
    1) expand the Print dialogue box to show ALL of the choices, by clicking on the arrow next to the Printer choice; then,
    2) under Paper Size, mouse down and choose "Borderless" (if you printer supports it, and most do!), OR
    3) adjust the size of the printout to a smaller percentage (put a number smaller than 100% in the box), OR
    4) choose the option to "Scale each page to fit paper" (which might not work perfectly, but you have the previous options to choose if it doesn't!)

    In general, it WILL take a bit longer to print any page when you choose "borderless printing" as your paper-choice option. On most printers, it involves a more convoluted use of memory and of bit-mapping, and that just takes a while longer to accomplish and print! However, the result is usually a perfectly printed page, with nothing dropped out. I'd try that "borderless printing," first, always, if it's supported on your printer.