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when I plug in my new 3G the screen is to large and I am unable to set up my new phone -- the last half inch on the right is missing --this never happened with itunes before or with my original iphone -- the only instance that was similiar was with ringtones on itunes -- I was unable to format ringtones because i couldn't get to the right side to press the button to continue or execute-- any ideas ?? Thanks

dell dimension, Windows XP
  • Jason L Community Specialists Community Specialists
    Hey bruin222,

    Make sure the screen resolution is at least 1024 x 640 or higher as described here:

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    You seem new to computers...

    If raising the screen resolution (Right-click the desktop>Properties>Whatever the last tab is {I forget}>Drag the slider to the right bit by bit until it looks perfect and not stretched {and if the screen scrolls when you move your mouse to the edges move the slider to the left until it stops that}) doesn't work, buy a newer monitor. (Seriously, 1024x768 or less is never enough screen real estate for anyone these days...)