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I had an iTunes Account before, but the e-mail it was affiliated with was deleted, and thus the iTunes account was rendered useless. I started that account with my first iPod, and a gift card. Now I am trying to set up a new account, with no gift card, and unfortunately no credit card. Now, I've heard there is a "no credit card" button of some sort, but I haven't seen it. Long story short, has anyone else had this problem, and if so does anyone have a solution?

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    First, even though the old email address no longer exists, you should still be able to use the existing iTunes Store account unless it's been so long that it's been deactivated. Just log in using the former email address which will still work as the Store account ID. You can change the email address to which receipts and alerts are sent. See:


    You may also be able to change the account ID as long as it wasn't a .Mac ID.

    But if you really want to open a new iTunes Store account, you'll need one of the following: 1) a credit card, 2) a prepaid iTunes card, 3) an iTunes gift certificate or 4) a specific item gift (track, movie, etc.). If you're in the US, a Paypal account may also work though PayPal payment has been problematic. But you can't open an account without some sort of payment method.

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