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I think my pod is 4th gen. I disconneted it from my mac while it said do not disconnect ( I am so sick of this thing) because it would not show on my Itunes. The screen is stuck on do not disconnect and it displays as locked. I held the menu and selection button but that did not help. Any suggestions?

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    It is likely that the iPod's hard drive is becoming faulty, or there is file corruption.

    Let it stay stuck and ON until it goes off by itself due to lack of power (just leave it disconnected).

    Then connect it to the Mac to see if it is recognized by iTunes. If it is, try using the Restore button in iTunes to erase the iPod and initialize its software.

    If that does not help or iTunes does not allow Restore to work, try connecting the iPod and run Disk Utility (with iTunes NOT running). Does it the iPod's hard drive show up in the Disk Utility sidebar? If so, select the DRIVE (not the volume indented under the DRIVE) and go to the Erase tab. Erase (reformat) the iPod's hard drive.

    If that process completes successfully, immediately run iTunes and try the Restore again.

    If you are not able to erase the drive in Disk Utility, there is probably a physical problem with the hard drive in the iPod. It can also be the logic board or the connection between the logic board and hard drive.
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    try this

    toggle on and off the hold button

    then press and hold the centre and menue button for 10 seconds (or untill the apple sign shows)

    it worked for mine.
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    My iPod has never been able to turn off while NOT connected to the Mac. So I read what you posted here and gave it a shot. I got to the point where I cannot erase the drive because of an "input/output error". Any further suggestions? If the drive has a physical problem, or logic board connection, does that make it toast? Thanks
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    You can try to open the iPod and check the connection points between the hard drive and logic board. There is one connection point at the hard drive. The other is at the logic board; if it's a 4th gen, it is covered by a dark film that you have to peel back partially. Remove both connections, inspect for corrosion and reconnect.

    You can use this helpful guide for more details.


    Be sure to use plastic tools; metal tools will damage the case.
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    well this is new and just plain weird. I've been all over the Internet trying to solve this. I read to toggle to Hold button, then push the center button & the menu button at the same time. This actually worked both while the iPod was connected to the Mac and while disconnected - which is part of what's new. It never shut off while disconnected ever.Now, however, about as soon as the Apple logo appears and I let go of the buttons, the iPod just comes back on in both connected and unconnected (to the Mac). I am really hesitant to pry open the iPod. I'm not that talented that I won't screw something up. Also, I believe I have the mini 2nd gen. I have no idea what difference there is between any of the wheels used to identify which iPod I have. Click, scroll, or whatever.
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    What you are describing is the standard reset procedure


    You should not have needed to look "all over the Internet" to find it.

    It is a reset so the iPod SHOULD come back on after you see the Apple. It's like doing a hard reboot on your computer. Everything is normal so far... What happens after that?

    It never shut off while disconnected ever.

    When the iPod is running normally, you turn it OFF by pressing and holding the Play/Pause button (bottom part of a click wheel). You are really just putting it to sleep, just as if you left it alone for a few minutes. The only way to completely turn off an iPod is to open it and disconnect the battery (or wait long enough for the battery to completely discharge).

    I have no idea what difference there is between any of the wheels used to identify which iPod I have. Click, scroll, or whatever.

    The +click wheel+ is touch sensitive for scrolling, but also clicks down at the top, left, right, and bottom for the button controls. Starting with the 4th gen, all iPod except for the shuffle and touch have a +click wheel+ (including the iPod mini).

    The +touch wheel+ is touch sensitive, but it is only for scrolling. It does not click down; the button are separate. The 2nd gen and 3rd gen iPods have a +touch wheel+.

    The +scroll wheel+ is only on the very first iPod. It physically turns in a circle (not touch sensitive).
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    It was a relief to hear that the iPod doesn't actually get turned off, that it is really asleep. It seems to be working fine now. I also did not know I could recharge the battery with an adapter and not have to go to the computer every time. Thanks