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Hi All,
I went to install an App in the App store on my 3g and when the iTunes Password window pops up and I enter my password it is invalid. But if I open iTunes on my laptop that same password (the only password) works just fine.

Any thoughts?

Windows XP Pro
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    Reset it on the computer to something all lower case and simple to type. Then retry on the phone. Getting too cute with passwords becomes a pain when trying to type on phone's keyboard.

    Also Double check that the phone and the computer are accessing the same account. That tripped up a friend of mine who had two accounts.
  • M.A Level 2 (260 points)
    My password is my email. I only have one iTunes account that I am aware of. How would I check to see if that is indeed fact?

  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    Your account is your email.
    Your password usually isn't.
  • M.A Level 2 (260 points)
    When you say "account" you mean?
    I always thought my email was my password. It is with iTunes.

  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    On your computer, open Itunes,
    Select Store from the top menu.
    Select View My account settings (it should show your email)
    You will then see a screen that shows your AppleId (which is your email)
    and below that a Password field.

    So unless you set them the same (not a good idea) your Apple ID is NOT your

    If you forgot your password, click the forgot password button and it will email you your password.

    I'm not saying your password ISN'T your email, I'm just saying this isn't normal.