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I've got an IPod (4th generation - I think. Ref :MA446LL/A ) 30GB device.
I have now gone through 4 sets of headphones - where the right ear piece goes progressively quietier within a few minutes, and then virtually cuts out altogether unless you turn the volume up high.

I bought a pair of expensive Senheiser's and it happened to them. I kept taking them back to PC World for a replacement - until after 4 pairs I got fed up with doing that and bought a cheaper pair of JVC's - but after a few weeks (and hardly used) those have done the same thing. If I plug the headphones into another device (ie a PC) I get the same effect - the left channel is OK but the right one is very quiet.

I thought it was a problem with the headphones, and tried to look after them very carefully and not kink the cables etc.... but am now thinking this may be something to do with the iPod instead.

Any ideas out there ? - is this a problem with the iPod damaging the right channel ? - it's always the same ear.
Sounds strange (no pun intended !) - but I can't think of another reason for this happening.

30GB iPod MA446LL/A