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I've got an IPod (4th generation - I think. Ref :MA446LL/A ) 30GB device.
I have now gone through 4 sets of headphones - where the right ear piece goes progressively quietier within a few minutes, and then virtually cuts out altogether unless you turn the volume up high.

I bought a pair of expensive Senheiser's and it happened to them. I kept taking them back to PC World for a replacement - until after 4 pairs I got fed up with doing that and bought a cheaper pair of JVC's - but after a few weeks (and hardly used) those have done the same thing. If I plug the headphones into another device (ie a PC) I get the same effect - the left channel is OK but the right one is very quiet.

I thought it was a problem with the headphones, and tried to look after them very carefully and not kink the cables etc.... but am now thinking this may be something to do with the iPod instead.

Any ideas out there ? - is this a problem with the iPod damaging the right channel ? - it's always the same ear.
Sounds strange (no pun intended !) - but I can't think of another reason for this happening.

30GB iPod MA446LL/A
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    If this is the Late 2006 model then it is a common issue. To test this out you can do the following:

    While playing music and the song starts to fade in the right headphone, hold down the bottom right hand corner of the ipod like your pinching it together. This should bring the audio back, if so give Apple a call and see what you can get.
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    Thanks Brayden - but this doesn't seem to fix it.

    The earphones seem to be 'damaged' by the problem as they are also quiet in the right ear when using the earphones on a different device (ie a PC) - although the issue doesn't seem quite as bad on the PC.

    It's done this to several pairs of earphones - although I think the original Apple ones are still OK (if I could find them !) and so I'm scared about buying yet more pairs if the same thing is going to happen to them as well. The problem seems to occur within a few days of using a new pair of earphones - you can hear the volume disappearing within a few minutes and then it virtually disappears altogether.

    Anyone experienced the same issue or know how to get this fixed ?
    Is it something I need to talk to an Apple repair shop for ?
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    i believe i have the same problem as you, i was wondering if you had found a solution to your problem? i don't know how this happened, i have never dropped it or anything, pressing on some parts of it does work for a little while, but I'm not quite sure i feel like doing that the entire time i am listening to it....
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    No - I've not found out why this happens or how to stop it happening again - I still reckon something (in the iPod) is damaging the headphones themselves. I never have the volume up high, and have tried very carefully to keep the headphones from kinking etc - in fact one time I had the problem I could tell the sound was disappearing from the right ear whilst I was listening to it... it was like someone was turning the volume down in the right ear but leaving the left volume 'normal'.

    Still hoping someone has a solution or idea how to fix it.
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    I had this same problem last year ended having to replace the headphone jack.
    Here's the Headphone jack:

    http://cgi.ebay.com/iPOD-4TH-GEN-Photo-Headphone-Audio-Jack-Module-20G-30GW0QQitemZ270301278658QQcmdZViewItemQQptZOther_MP3_Player_Accessories?hash=item27 0301278658&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&trkparms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    Here's a guide:

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    hey, i have the same exact problem. A few days after getting my ipod the right side of original ipod earbuds got whacked and is now very very quiet. I got some sony headphones which worked fine for about 6 months and then my ipod killed them. I've gone through 2 other pairs of headphones since then. I dont really feel like going out and buying a new pair if my ipod is just going to destroy them within a few months.

    What can i do other than chaning the headphone jack myself :S ?
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    Pay apple or rapidrepair.com or someone else to do it. But it's really easy to do yourself just follow the guide above. Unless it's still under warranty or you have applecare, then bring it to an apple store.
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    Oops - further to my original post - I've just realised it's a 5th Generation (Video) 30Gb iPod that I have..... I assume it's the same sort of problem that I have and I need to replace the jack.
    Any further comments from anyone on this ?
    - am I correct or is this a different issue ?

    Sorry about the incorrect detail.... i couldn't work out which device I had.