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I have a 160gb ipod, year old come january. About a week or so ago i tried to hook up my ipod to update and add new songs. Once plugged into computer, itunes freezes up, after a few minutes my ipod finally appears only to say "Ipod detects corrupted ipod....." It asks to restore, I accept. After a few minutes its says ipod restore finished, wait for ipod to return to itunes(something like that)
Once... Once it comes back it says the original corrupted thing again.

Ive done this process numerous times now. Ive found out everytime it restores it saves the music in the Other section. Because now i have like 140gbs of other files..

I searched numerous forums, but have found no working solutions..

Error Message VVVVV


Dell, Windows Vista
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    i have this same problem with my 80g classic, i was having a problem downloading my songs so i wrote in about that and they made it possible to download them all and now my ipod doesnt work... so i cant even really listen to all my songs i got.
    for a while it wasnt recognizing my ipod whenever i plugged it in, then once when i tried it had that corrupt messege and i restored it and the same thing happened. i tried resetting it again and now it wont even recognize that there is an ipod plugged in.
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    Everything on the ipod plays normal and everything plays normal. Just cant sync them..

    I called Apple... basically she couldnt tell me anything.. so they're sending me a box to get a new one as it has 50 days on the warrenty... Just have to pay the $30 shipping(or pay 59$ for another year warrenty+[which we did]+)

    So I guess theres no solution?
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    I'm joining your club. I have just experienced the same issue. What a drag that I also did the "restore" option and now, not only can I not sync, but now I can't play music on my ipod because it was all erased. I purchased an itunes song a few days ago that wouldn't sync to my ipod. The "corruption" message came up today after I added two cds to my itunes and then tried to sync. Now what? Any ideas?
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    i have encountered the same problem. My 120GB pod is corrupted, it wont restore or reset and even though all the songs have been erased, the pod is telling me that it is full.
    What should i do? Are there any solutions without having to bring it into a shop? I bought the pod in Chicago, but i live in Ireland -- it's a long way back to the shop!
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    dragracer2416 wrote:
    Ive done this process numerous times now. Ive found out everytime it restores it saves the music in the Other section. Because now i have like 140gbs of other files..

    What sometimes happens is that the iPod's library gets corrupted during the update, leaving all the music files on the drive, but with no record of which obscured name each file has been given. These dead files contribute to the measure of Other on the iPod. When you restore iTunes ought to completely clean out the \iPod_Control\Music folder and build a new library referencing freshly copied files. If this isn't happening you might want to format the iPod before restoring.

    See this thread for more info: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7838734

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    I've unistalled itunes and redownloaded it multiple times to no succes. I can't even access my ipod on my computer. It will show its there in my computer, until i try to click it, then its says please insert removable storage into _ Drive. I've tried hooking up to other computers with the same result, computers with or without itunes and windows xp/vista computers. Nothing works. None of th ipod reset/restores work or help in anyway.

    But my ipod left for apple today... $59 later...
    Hopefully this one wont have any troubles D:.
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    Me 3! My 160gb classic got corrupted. I see Apple still doesn't answer the posts here in the "Apple" forum. Somethings never change.
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    I had this happen as well, with my iPod saying it was corrupted and the music was taking up 'Other' on the hard drive. No matter what I tried (resetting, restoring, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, etc.) nothing worked. I sent it to AppleCare in CA, and they returned it to me saying they couldn't recreate the problem and the iPod was up to standard! Huh?

    So I took it to a Genius Bar, and they tried the same things as I already did and nothing worked. They ended up giving me a replacement with the guy saying that he's "never saw this problem before".
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    Mine 60GB Classic, tells me that I don't have permission to to Music Folder, but I just synced my brothers Touch using the same thing. So I tried to restore it and it told me it was corrupted.
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    I discover the same problem.

    after the new update this weekend, my ipod will not sync, after about 80% sync it goes dead and itunes stop working, I gave its about 30 minutes from the stop and the it said unknown error (-53).

    As I reinstalled itunes and the ipod I also havent got any song on the ipod and this Its no use. (Classic 80 GB)

    After it stopped and freezy, the ipod restart and show a grey apple background.
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    I uninstalled the new version and installede 8.0.1 and then it worked... there must be a bug in the new version
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    where did you find the 8.0.1 version?