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I had not tried to sync anything to my Apple TV in about a month or two, so when this problem actually started is anyone's guess.

Yesterday, when I went to sync, I noticed the Apple TV was missing from devices in iTunes. And the Apple TV did not see my network, nothing. Long story short- after reading about a dozen posts here and trying everything suggested, the only thing I was able to restore after a factory reset and resetting my router was I got internet back and am able to view trailers and Youtube videos. I cannot get it to connect with my computer because iTunes will not recognize the Apple TV.

It appears many other users have experienced the same thing for a couple months now with NO solution. That is just crazy. If anyone can offer any more advice, or if Apple could just acknowledge the problem and let us know they are working on the problem, that would be great.

I have family coming in out of town this weekend, and I had hopes of showing them some new pics and home movies, but now my Apple TV is rendered useless when I need it most. This is very unlike most Apple products and I'm surprised users have experienced problems for this long without a fix.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    The most likely reasons for your tv and itunes not connecting with each other are your network settings either on your mac/pc or your router, or other than that some software on your mac/pc that is interfering with communications between the two devices.
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    i have also had this problem and have yet to find a solution. It seems to have started after I installed the atv recent update. since then i've tried everything suggested to make it work. a couple of weeks ago i went and exchanged my atv for a new one. brought the new one home, and still nothing...i've been teetering on the edge of switching to an i mac computer, but now i'm not so sure. when i call apple support they claim to not be able to help because i'm working with a pc. apple...FIX THIS!
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    hope this helps anyone having issues with Apple TV not showing up in devices.

    I noticed around the same time my Apple TV stopped showing in iTunes that Safari was running painfully slow, so I spent my time troubleshooting that instead of dealing with the Apple TV.

    Anyway, my DNS server was and several posters suggested i add to my server list, which I did with nothing improving or changing. Well, I just decided to change the order the DNS servers were in, moving 220 above 222 and that instantly solved my Safari issue and internet browsing is blazing fast again. I decided to check if that changed anything with iTunes and it did. After re-entering my network settings into my Apple TV, iTunes now recognizes the Apple TV in the device control panel.

    hope that helps.
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    I agree with you macambassador. Apple should recognize the problem and get serious about it. My Apple TV is frequently not recognized by my itunes, or my AppleTV can't find my network. These states may last for many days, and then without any action on my part they find each other again.

    Not only is the ATV expensive compared to other Multimedia Drives on the market, it is patently unreliable and without any effective support. I am not happy.
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    For what it's worth, I had the same problem with the very first ATV, version 1.0. I just got a new ATV for Christmas (v. 2.3) and am back here with the same problem. In other words, don't hold your breath for Apple to fix this anytime soon.
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    I have spent the last 3 months trying to get my Appletv to show up in itunes device. I have reset everything. I am clearly a pc user. Is that the problem???
    Everything else works. I can see movies, buy and play music. itunes just won't find appletv. All the settings show as fine. My network shows strong. It is just nuts that there is no support. I am major frustrated.
    Any new info?
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    I am experienceing this problem for the 2nd time...fixed first time after many hours including factory reset of AppleTV and updating to most recent version...

    I do not want to go through this again....please fix.

    am using a 2wire modem/router and it is not cisable vis ehternet or wifi network connection.

    After convinceing 5 people to buy an AppleTV, I simply cannnot reomend any longer due to the fragility of keeping it connected to iTunes. What a maddening hassle.

    Apple Please fix.
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    In my case using Norton Internet Security, it worked fine when I Disabled it.
    From there, I went in and saw that iTues was blocked...

    Go to Configure Personal Firewall > Programs > Apple iTunes > Permit All