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The past few weeks the "Other" part of the capacity line in iTunes has increased to 5.64 GB. I have an 8GB iPhone and I am now unable to add any more music and video. I do have a lot of Apps on my phone, but there is ony 234.1 mb of Apps. I have not restored the phone to its factory settings since I will lose all data. I really do not want to do a restore unless absolutely necessary. Is there any other way to go about getting the "Other" decreased? I used to see the "Other" portion on the capacity line very high once or twice and would return to normal when I would resync the phone to iTunes. That doesn't work anymore when I resync the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Kevin Liu Level 1 (100 points)
    Pretty common problem, seems to be related to installing some bad apps or simply interrupting the syncing.

    Unfortunately, the only reliable solution is to do a completely restore. But you can try doing a "back-up restore" first and see if it does anything.
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    Do a 'hard' reset: Unplug your iPhone from anything/everything and press and hold the 'sleep/wake' button and the 'Home' button, ignoring the 'Slide to power off' prompt and KEEP pressing the buttons until the screen goes blank. Next press the 'sleep/wake' button until you get the Apple logo AND THEN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your iPhone will restart and you can then you can plug it back into a Mac or PC through the USB cable to see how your memory has been 'freed' (or not).....

    Good luck!
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    If I were to do a complete restore, will I lose everything? Also, the Apps that I have purchased, will I need to pay for them again if they are wiped off the phone? Any other suggestions other than a complete restore?
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    Will I lose any Apps that I purchased if I were to do a complete restore? How hard is it to get everything back onto the phone like the custom settings I have set as well as email setup, etc.?
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    Any apps that you have purchased or free apps that have been downloaded with your iPhone should be available in your iTunes library. If not, you can re-download any apps that were previously purchased without being charged again - as long as you use the same iTunes account.

    When syncing with iTunes, iTunes creates and maintains a backup for your iPhone - which is updated if needed (if any data included with the backup has changed since the last sync) as the very first step during the sync process.

    The backup includes data such as most iPhone settings, email account setup info, SMS messages, notes, data created and stored by 3rd party applications, recent calls, call favorites, and photos that were captured by your iPhone - but I wouldn't depend on this one. If your iPhone includes any photos that were captured by your iPhone, they should be imported by your computer as with any other digital camera.

    Contact information, calendar events, and bookmarks are designed to be synced with the supported applications on your computer. iTunes content should remain on your computer as well as any photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone.

    This data must be re-transferred to your computer via the iTunes sync process.

    When restoring, your iPhone will be completely erased followed by the current firmware version being re-installed. After the current firmware version is re-installed, you will be prompted to restore your iPhone from your iPhone's backup - which is the default selection. After your iPhone's backup is restored, this must be followed by a sync.

    Before restoring your iPhone, import any photos that were captured by your iPhone followed by a sync to update your iPhone's backup if needed.
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    Will iTunes keep record of my email accounts as well as the passwords, etc? Also, I have Shazam app with certain tagged songs on it, do you know if iTunes will keep them in memory also?
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    Email account settings for all email accounts including passwords for the accounts are included with your iPhone's backup, but certainly you know the password for your email accounts?

    Settings and data created and stored by a 3rd party applications are included with the backup. I don't use Shazaam so I can't comment on this particular app.
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    Successful!!! I had put off restoring the phone for many weeks hoping for another option to solve the situation. I thought I was going to lose too much data that I had saved up. Not the case. The only thing that I had to do was rearrange the Apps buttons back to the order I had them set in. Restoring and resyncing the phone put all the apps in alphabetical order. Before I restored the phone, I went into Microsoft Word and wrote down all the settings I had as well as the order I had the apps set in per page. This helped me get them back into the exact order I had them in. Thanks for all your help!

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    here is a faster way to 'record' the order of your apps.

    do a screen shot of each window of your phones home page.

    to do a screen shot, press home button and then sleep button, only hold down sleep button for a second.

    also, a cool prank on another persons iphone is to make that screen shot the home photo, they will think thier phone has frozen....
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    i am doing the restore now....

    when apple does a software update for the phone, for instyance, the 2.2.1 is 250MB, and the last one was 500MB, is that all eating into my limited total phone hard drive space?
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    your 'other' went down to a managable size?

    how large is your music on yer phone, now & how large is your 'other' now?

    do you have just a few apps or lots?

    i am doing a restore from back up and its looking like my 'other' is back on its way to being bloated again, im watching it happen while songs are loading.....