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I have Pages. I want to start page numbering on the 5th page of the document and I want it to start at #1. This seems impossible. Can it be that Pages is unable to accomodate this need?

Please let me know. Thanks.

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    Set a section break at the end of page 4. Put your cursor in Page 5, create a header or footer to put the page number in. Then open the inspector and select the second tab. Click on the Section tab. You'll see the option to start page numbering, set it to 1.
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    Thanks. But when I do this, the first 4 pages are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and then page 5 starts again at 1. I want the first 4 pages to lack page numbers. Is this possible? Worst case I'd like them to have roman numerals versus arabic to make it diff.

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    Just select the page number in the first section header/footer and delete it.

    To make them roman numerals, select the page number in the first section and right mouse click and chose from the options.
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    I tried this - when I delete the page #s in the footer in the 1st section it deletes them in the 2nd section, as well. I am using Pages 2.0.1 (iWork '06), BTW. Was this "fixed" in iLife 08 or something?


    I hope to not have to migrate this whole thing to OpenOffice or Lotus Symphony or something. Oy.

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    We are all using iWork '08 here, I believe, so it may be hard to check what differences there are, but check:

    +Inspector > Layout (2nd tab) > Section > Use previous headers & footers+

    is Unchecked in the 2nd section.
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    Still haven't figure this out. Frustrating. I'm doing what is being suggested, but it just doesn't do it - I can't keep the 1st 5 pages from showing a number.

    If anyone is REALLY bored out there, I've uploaded the document in question to a server - if anyone wants the challenge of trying to get the 2nd "Page 1" (which is actually page 6) to be the first occurrence of numbers in the document...


    (The document is a sort of family book we're trying to get printed and bound for distribution within the family by Christmas.)

    Thanks...if there are any takers.

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    You inserted a section break.
    You defined correctly the second section to start numbering from 1.

    Alas, you forgot to use the "Insert > Page Number" menu item to insert the page number in the pages(s header.

    Is it really useful that I put the 'corrected' file on my idisk?
    I ask that for two reasons:

    (1) it's a huge file
    (2) I don't know which Pages version is used. It's not the v3 and this is a bit surprising because this forum is dedicated to Pages 3.

    There is an other forum dedicated to old versions.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mercredi 12 novembre 2008 21:18:08)