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MasaY Level 1 Level 1
I have a question about the cooling fan in my Mac mini C2D 2.0Ghz.

Now that I had my cooling fan replaced the other day, the fan does not start after I turn the computer on. It is stopped at 0 rpm. After having the computer on for 15, 20 minutes, the fan starts spinning around 1,500 rpm to 2,000 rpm.

As far as I can remember, by default, the cooling fan starts spinning right after you turn your computer on at or around 1,500 rpm. or at least I thought that's how my mini was before.

Is this normal to have the fan not spinning at all when you turn the computer on (or possibly, when the computer is very cold)?
or is there something wrong with my cooling fan? If it is, what do you guys think the problem is?

If anyone could confirm this with your mini, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • AndyO Level 6 Level 6
    It is not normal for the fan to remain off for the first few minutes of use - it should spin up to the steady-state rate immediately the system is booted, and increase rpm from there when the CPU load increases to a level determined by MacOS.

    If you have a utility which indicates the fan is not spinning, the first thing to do is ensure that there is nothing incorrectly set in that software to switch the fan off. Assuming not, then test that the fan really is not running (you should be able to feel a steady, gentle, stream of air from the rear vents as soon as the system is powered up).

    If the fan really is not spinning initially, it would make it a suspect component and I think it would thusly be wise to return the mini to the people who replaced the fan recently, and have them repair it.
  • MasaY Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks AndyO for your advice.

    Two different softwares indicates that the fan is not working. and I can not feel any warm air coming out of the back, which I could before the fan replacement.

    Actually, it's Apple who replaced the fan for me under warranty. After sending them the computer 3 different times, it came back with this problem.
    The fist time I noticed the fan wasn't working, I put some load on the CPU and the CPU temp. got up to 100C! (212F) and all of sudden, the fan kicked in for the first time, screaming at 5,000rpm.
    I just didn't wanna complain to them before I confirm that my fan, in fact, is not working right.

    Since I didn't wanna send them the computer again to take a chance of getting something else go wrong again, I thought I'd work on it myself if it's something simple.
    But I guess I don't wanna take a chance voiding the warranty, so I will send it in for a repair one more time.

    Thanks again for your advice.
  • AndyO Level 6 Level 6
    I can understand why you're not comfortable with Apple working on it again given the history of your dealing with them. I would suggest that you check your local phone book for an Apple Approved Service Provider and perhaps contact them to discuss the problem. AASPs are not really 'better' than Apple's own service, but they are independent and thus perhaps rather more used to working in a competitive environment. Sometimes that makes them more sharply keen to satisfy their consumers!

    One way or another, from the symptoms you describe, the fan is certainly suspect after the recent service, and if left unresolved could cause deeper problems since it cannot be assumed to be reliably controlling internal temperatures.
  • MasaY Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks again AndyO,

    I am here in Japan, and as far as I know, I don't have much choice getting it fixed other than sending it to Apple again under warranty.
    This wasn't the first time I have received the bad service from them...

    The service from Apple was much better in US.

    I will call them today, and I guess I won't have my computer again for few more days...
  • MasaY Level 1 Level 1
    I have found an another company, who does the Apple's warranty work here in Japan.

    But they told me that since this is an unsolved issue with Apple that they have started, they are not allowed to work on this particular issue using their warranty.

    I guess I have no choice but to send it back to Apple.