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I don't know if anyone else has come across this problem but it would surprised me if they haven't (as I discussed it with a couple of 4g owning friends who agreed with me).

I want a way to turn off coverflow as well as shake-to-shuffle as when I try and adjust the volume of my iPod in my pocket/jogging case it has invariably been set to coverflow by the accelerometer...this means that the click wheel just scrolls through the album list rather than changing the volume.

Am I right in thinking that there is no option to turn this off or have I just been thick and missed it?


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  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9
    There have been numerous threads on this issue. No, you can't turn off Cover Flow. I believe putting the Nano on hold will prevent Cover Flow from kicking in, though.

    Best of luck.
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    Putting the iPod on hold will prevent coverflow from kicking in.

    But, if you read my original post, my problem with coverflow is that it prevents me from changing volume whilst the iPod is in my pocket/on its side/in a jogging case...
    Putting the iPod on hold will prevent me from adjusting the volume even more effectively than coverflow already is.
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    Man, welcome to the party! This issue has been complained about, non stop. By me, and everybody else. I totally agree with you. It is annoying. Not only that, but it will waste your battery.

    Thing is, I waited two entire months since I got the thing. I put in an official complaint in September, and numerous other ones since then. Complained on these boards. I even called Apple. All I know is, the tech support guy on the phone didnt know if they would roll out with a feature to disable it, and nobody from Apple seems to be responding to all the complaints on this board about it, as there have been many, and the most popular thread is about this exact same issue. If I were you, I would complain directly to Apple, but don´t expect them to do anything about it. I have a feeling they did this on purpose so that people´s batteries would become dead quicker, thus making people buy more ipods. The reason I say this is because, this is the simplest of things to fix, (just give us the option to turn it off) and their lack of concern on these boards and on the tech support line seems to have me thinking that. Maybe I am wrong, and it is something more complicated than that. Maybe it is harder to implement than I think it is, but I dunno. I develop software for a living, and in my book, it would be really simple.

    I got tired of waiting for them to fix it, so I am trying to sell my nano on Amazon right now, but its strange, I havent been able to sell it, even after listing it at a ridiculously low price. If you check the Amazon reviews, they basically rip to shreds because there is no option to disable coverflow.

    Coverflow == hard to adjust volume without it being up right
    Coverflow == wasted battery life; I did a test. I tested it without using coverflow at all; putting hold on when ever I played audio only. Was able to get 22-24 hours. With coverflow, I only got 2-5 hours.

    I would send a complain into Apple, and keep following the threads, but Apple seems to be taking their time with a fix, and/or are not planning to fix it at all. Apple does have a history of not listening to their customers.

    In any case, I am going to get a different device for working out. Maybe if they fix it in time, I will keep it (should I have not sold it by then). But this is ridiculous. I will post the feedback form.

    I would recommend: getting a previous version of the nano
    Or getting another device that has more storage if you want at least 16gb.
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    http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipodnano.html -- Here is the feedback form. They dont have an option to select 4th Gen Nano, so just state in the body of the message that you are referring to the 4th Gen Nano.

    Tell them to give an option to disable coverflow.
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    never tried "hold"
    does putting it on hold lock the volume too?

    will it allow it to progress the next part of an audiobook?
    does it use more or less battery
  • peopleinplacesfaces Level 1 Level 1
    This issue has been fixed with the new software update. Go under setting and you should be able to disable it.
  • XeRoTheorY Level 1 Level 1
    This Problem has been fixed.
    Plug in your iPod.
    when iTunes opens hit UPDATE.
    a new firmware update is now aviable.
  • MacDarling55 Level 2 Level 2
    What are you peoples on the top talkin' about??
    Apple just released the newest software update for the 4g nano. Just plug your iPod in to your computer and iTunes will automatically ask if you want the update. I already downloaded it for my iPod and I'm very happy, as I have been very annoyed with the Cover Flow as well.
    Happy Listening!
  • Val Bagby Level 1 Level 1
    I have the 4th gen nano with the latest software update installed. I have tried to turn off coverflow in the music menu, but coverflow still comes up on the screen. How can I turn it off so I'm not running down the battery so quickly? Thanks for your help - sometimes I'm just clueless!
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6
    From the main menu: Settings > General > Rotate. Pressing the center button will toggle between "Off" & "Cover Flow."
  • MacDarling55 Level 2 Level 2
    you guys are ALL CRAZY!!!!
    apple released a software AGES AGO that fixed the problem.
    download it from iTunes and go into settings on the Pod and go to Playback and click Shake it will say Off, then for cover flow, go to General and scroll to Rotate and click. it will say Off too.
    this will solve your problems.
    don't listen to peopleinplacesfaces. he gave that spiel to me and continues to even after Apple release the update. nice try dude, you aren't fooling anyone around these message boards.
  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9
    you guys are ALL CRAZY!!!!
    apple released a software AGES AGO that fixed the problem.

    Actually, it was released on 12 November (2 months ago) when most of these posts were written and as you wrote on 12 Novemebr.
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6
    MacDarling55 wrote:
    you guys are ALL CRAZY!!!!

    The only "crazy" things here are ignoring the dates & content of the latest posts & the arguably non-intuitive implementation of the new option to turn off Cover Flow. Why Apple chose Settings > General > Rotate that toggles between "Off" & "Cover Flow" settings & not the more obvious Settings > General > *Cover Flow* that toggles between "Off" & "On" settings is something I do not understand.

    I've never seen a light switch, the most common toggle switch in the world, labeled "Off" & "Lights." If the positions are labeled, they are labeled as "Off" & "On," for the operating state of the switch they represent. The switch itself might be labeled "Lights," for what it controls. Why not apply the same rationale to the option?