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I have latest update of iTunes on a PC running on XP. I have a few WMV files I'd like to add to ITune and convert for my iPod Touch. According to the help files I should be able to drag and drop the files or go to Files>Add File To Library. Nothing happens with either option. And yes I have already searched this forum. No one seems to want to answer this question. Can someone give it a go please?

Windows XP Pro
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    I do not believe WMV files are recognized or converted in iTunes. iTunes will convert unprotected WMA files, but I am fairly certain that WMV is not supported and must be converted with another converting program.
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    Thanks Paul, but the iTunes help file specifically lists WMV as a drag and drop file type.
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    That's interesting. Windows Media Video (wmv) is not supported according to this:
    Under "TV and video"

    I've used Windows for a long time, and I've never been able to put windows media anything into iTunes (not for lack of trying). iTunes would convert audio for me, but for the video files I had to find an iPod video converter (or use Windows Movie Maker in some instances) to put it into a different format in order for iTunes to do anything with it.


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    I actually just had this issue - I was trying to put some WMV videos into my iTunes library, and it wouldn't work, no matter how many times I tried to make it. I ended up having to use an external program called "Power Director" (which is actually a video editing suite) to convert them to M4A. If you have access to a converter program, that's probably the simple solution.