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For the last week or two I've been having a problem with my Time Capsule losing it's internet connection. This is NOT the issue that I've read about where many people are losing their WIRELESS connection. The internet is completely going out for EVERYTHING on my network, both wired and wireless. It doesn't seem to be happening with any regularity or when I'm doing anything specific. To get the internet back, all I have to do is either power cycle the Time Capsule or go into the AirPort Utility and click a time or two on the "Renew DHCP Lease" button. I do not have to power cycle or do anything else to my cable modem or any other of my network hardware.

When this happens I'm able to get to everything on my network (printer, NAS, other computers, etc), and it appears as if the internet is the only thing that goes out. In the past when I've lost internet due to an issue with my ISP or cable modem I've had lights out or blinking lights on my cable modem. This is not the case with what has been happening lately. When it's gone out lately, all lights on the cable modem are on like they're supposed to be. Since the cable modem appears to be functioning normally, and all I have to do to get things working again is power cycle or renew DHCP lease on the Time Capsule, I'm assuming that I'm having some type of issue with my Time Capsule. I've had the Time Capsule for about 11 months now and there's been no change to my network setup since I got the Time Capsule. It's been working great up until now.

Anyone else having this issue or have any ideas on what might be going on?

MacBook and iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.10)