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awillow82 Level 1 (0 points)
We have a mac mini that we were hoping to use as a back-up for our projector, but it does not have dual displays. Is there some we can do to make it have dual screens?
  • AndyO Level 6 (17,050 points)
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    The question of using dual displays with the Mac mini comes up from time to time, but there is no way to do this without additional hardware, since the mini has only one video port. External hardware in the form of a simple splitter could work, though only if the resolution of the two displays is the same, and you are mirroring the content of one display on the other. More sophisticated solutions would require a device such as the Matrox DualHead2Go, or a USB video adapter such as the DisplayLink device (http://www.displaylink.com/). The Matrox device is quite expensive and has limited resolution capability, since the combined resolution of the two displays cannot exceed the mini's maximum, and the USB solution would be of limited use if the USB-connected output contains any moving components, since USB is relatively slow for video streaming.
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    awillow93, can you say more about what your application is and what is meant by using the mini as a "back up"? Give an example of what you are attempting to do and it will help in advising.
  • John Lockwood Level 5 (7,255 points)
    As AndyO says the main options are

    1. Use an external splitter, but both displays have to be the same resolution (although not necessarily the same physical size).
    2. Use the Matrox DualHead2Go
    3. Use the Displayport

    However there might be a couple more options.

    4. Most LCD projectors I have seen have built-in a second VGA output connector. You connect the Mac to the VGA input of the projector and it uses the signal to display via the lens, but it 'mirrors' it to the VGA output, this lets you also have a VGA monitor located next to the Mac (or PC). Like a splitter both displays have to be the same resolution.

    5. Use a remote control style application on a second computer to display the image of the Mac mini screen. Some schools would have an entire lab of computers viewing the screen of the teachers computer. VNC is free, Timbuktu is chargeable.