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I am considering purchasing an XServe from a computer surplus house. They are representing the computer as a 2007 machine, but they don't know much about it... The serial number is XB31600**. When I go to the warranty page on Apple's website, it says the computer is out of warranty, but doesn't really give any more information on processors, etc. However, it does put up a picture of what looks like a G4 server... but I didn't think Apple was still producing G4 servers in 2007, so, I'm a little confused. Is there any way to get the specs of the computer using the serial number?

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    If the vendor won't tell you what it is in anything other than the most general of terms, then I'd buy the particular widget only as parts or as scrap. And only at a price commensurate with that viewpoint.

    On the pull-out tag on the back of the Intel Xserve boxes (same tag as the chassis serial number, adjacent to the network jacks) is a full system description of the box as was shipped, as well as the box model number.

    According to the Chipmunk serial number decoder, that's a 1.33 GHz PPC box manufactured circa 2003.
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    I think the vendor would be happy to tell me, but he's just an "industrial liquidator" and doesn't know... doesn't have a keyboard/monitor, etc. to check it out or may not even know how. But the info you provided confirms my suspicion that this is not a 2007 machine. THANKS!!!
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    Hi Steven Sugg-

    You are correct that there were no G4 XServes manufactured in 2007.

    If you have the serial number you should be able to call Apple directly and get the information.

    Incidentally, it is generally not considered a good idea to post a serial number on a public discussion board.


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    They are representing the computer as a 2007 machine, but they don't know much about it... The serial number is XB31600**

    They are lyi^H^H^H misrepresenting the machine.

    For sure, if it's a G4 it wasn't made in 2007.

    To decode the serial number the first two characters (in this case XB) indicate the factory, the third character (3) is the year - in this case 2003, and the fourth and fifth characters (16) indicate the week number. Therefore this machine was manufactured in April 2003. It isn't worth more than a few bucks (literally).
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    Hi Steven!

    On this page Tech Specs, in the text field for Search Tech Specs, enter the serial number, and press your Enter key.

    ali b