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I guess the questions should be should I replace it? My iMac's (early 2006 model) internal hard drive is totally dead, but I think if I install a new internal hard drive it will work again. If I get it up and running, I will use it in my classroom. Would this work? Can I put Tiger on an external hard drive and run the machine from there? (I am thinking the answer is no to the last question but thought I would ask. LOL!) I have already upgraded the RAM to 1 gigabyte (easy to do).

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    Installing a hard drive in an iMac is not wholly trivial as you will need to open the case to get inside. Apple does not consider this a user-installable upgrade meaning you should take the computer to an Apple retailer or store to have it done by an Apple tech.

    However, there are apparently some links out there on cracking into the case to perform repairs. You'll need to search for them via Google (I don't have a specific link for you.) Once you get inside the case replacing the drive should not be difficult. You need to unscrew some mounting screws and unplug a couple of cables, then replace the old drive with the new one.

    Yes, you could install Tiger on an external drive and run the computer from it. Of course, you need to install the Intel version that came with the computer or install Leopard. I would recommend an external Firewire drive because it will be faster than a USB drive.
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    I am currently in the process of replacing my internal hard drive. I have the casing off and have removed the screw from my hard drive case. Now I am stuck. I can not get the hard metal cover off. I have researched google, youtube etc.. Every video or pic I see looks like a different model on the inside. I have the model 2105 early 2006.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    FYI. I bought a 2.5" Western Digital 320g hard drive as instructed by a Best Buy Apple rep. Once I removed the case I quickly found out it is a 3.5" !

    Very disapointing as I took the advise from the Apple rep.
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    Sorry, I've no experience with them. Either you will need to rely on whatever you can find on Google, figure it out for yourself, or wait until someone on the Discussions provides more help. But I suggest you post your own separate topic. If you don't know how just click on the Help link in the right side of this page.
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    I had mine open last week and removed the faulty hd (160GB) and put it in a USB drive adapter. I was able to see it on a linux machine so I put it back in my iMac and it worked just fine for about a week. I was able to make a bootable copy on a 160GB usb drive and save all my data. Good thing too since it just died again (clicking a whirring sounds).

    Any way... to answer your question. I recall that once you get to see the drive there is a clip and catch type connection where the drive and a metal plate come out as a single unit. It has 2 pins that fit into holes toward the bottom of the case and the catch is on the top. Once you pop the catch you can take the drive out with the plate. The pins screw out of the mounting holes on the drive and so does the metal plate.

    Hope this helps. I'll take some pictures of mine when I take it apart again since I have to get a new drive soon myself.
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    Thanks Kappy! My brother is in school for computer repair so he and his classmates, under the supervision of their teacher, will be replacing my hard drive