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well today i just got my phone and i realized that i needed to set up an itunes account before actually buying music through my phone. when i didnt have my account set up yet, i would be able to connect to itunes on my phone, but i just wasnt able to purchase anything. so i then i tried to connect with a computer that had itunes set up, but all of a sudden i couldnt connect to itunes at all. the itunes application would say that it could not connect to itunes due to the fact that itunes is not available in this country, and then it shuts down. so now i just dont know what to do. i currently have an account, but now my phone wont open itunes properly. has anyone gone through this before?

  • Damon M. Level 4 Level 4
    One thing that might help out.

    Open itunes on the computer.
    Click on the itunes store on the left of itunes.
    Scroll to the bottom of the itunes store and make sure the country drop down is set correctly.
    If so, click on sign in or your apple account email address in the upper right corner of the itunes store.
    Put in your password and view your account.
    Make sure all the information is correct here also.

    Hope this helps.