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Hi - I have just submitted our first app to Apple.

I have a UK bank account details lodged with itunes connect.

I understand that I get paid from each territory monthly if the sales are over $250 - but are we paid in $US only or in multiple payments the local currency from the 'region' - If it is just in USD then do apple use the exchange rates at the day of payment to work out the $ value of the other region's sales?

I assume that there will be a charge from my bank for converting this end into £ or do Apple pay UK individuals / companies in £s?


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Reply by Markus Stöbe on Nov 12, 2008 2:26 AM Helpful
Craig,Aplle tranfers the money in each area's local currency, like US$ for USA, GB Pounds for UK, Euro for Europe etc. Only exception is the Region "Rest of World" that is also transfered in US$.The transfer rates are then fixed by your bank using whatever system they use for this...arrival date of the money or date when they actually put the money to your account or lowest rate in the last 100 days I guess that's somehow regulated by law and otherwise completely up to your bank.oh...and for Australia-payments I've been charged some banking fees from Apples Bank as well!!! But only for Autralia...Hope that helps!?Best regards,Markus.

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