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Hi all,

unfortunately the search did not return any useful results, so I'd like to ask the following question here:

I am using my private MBP (OSX 10.5.5) in our company network (Windows no Macs...), connected via onboard LAN.
I have activated DHCP for this connection to get a valid IP address, and this works fine.
Unfortunately, after receiving the DHCP address, my NetBIOS hostname gets updated from (I suppose) our Primary Domain Controller. The hostname provided is not only wrong, but also a duplicate of a Windows machine that is already part of the domain.

As company network policy dictates, no non-win machines are allowed (as long as they don't make trouble...), so my MBP will not be included into the domain. IT support tells me if I cannot solve the problem, the MBP must go.

What I have done so far is to manually overwrite the WINS name in the system preferences setting, but that change doesn't stick. It gets updated with the wrong duplicate name instantly after closing the window.

Is there a way (similar to Win**) to disable WINS or NetBIOS for DHCP?

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.

Best regards

MacBook Pro 2.2GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.5)