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  • thesproles Level 1 Level 1
    I concur with your thought. I was rocking and rolling before the Thanksgiving holiday and while I was away updated my iPad to iOs 4.2 Came back home and now have wireless play issues from my iMac, MacBook, 2 AEX, ATV g1 and iPads in the house. This is whether I play music from Remote, iMac (where iTunes library is housed) or Airplay. I am pretty sure that it is either a FirmWare issue with AEX that is not playing nicely with the new iOS or simply and iOS issue.

    I recall the music drops, but they seemed to resolve themselves with an update a years or so ago. Now, new iOS update comes along and voila...dropped tunes again!

    Very disappointed in Apple's lack of response with an resolution. DO they actually read these things or not?

    Wonder what an AppleCare call would yield?

    Will update later...
  • thesproles Level 1 Level 1
    Just ran a little test in my house and went into our 2 iPads and 1 iTouch with the new iOS4.2 and turned off the dropped music now for multiple songs. VERY interesting! Cannot say that this is the fix, but sure makes me think that it is an iOS4.2 wireless issue. Test it on your devices and let me know if you are still having the issues.
  • cliff Level 2 Level 2
    Sorry to see I'm not alone with dropouts. I have a BS and an AX with the BS hooked to a router and the AX setup on its own to the stereo. I've also created 2 different locations one for the BS network for internet and one for the AX streaming only. I've tried to use the AX as a bridge to the BS which works fine for internet, but music will eventually start dropping out which is why I created the separate locations. If I use the AX only location for music all is good until I switch locations to get online. When I switch back to the AX network from the BS I start getting dropouts, and the only way to remedy is to restart the machine.
    Any idea what a restart would remedy that I might be able to do without actually restarting?
  • JKustak Level 1 Level 1
    Interesting thread and long! I came looking for answers just like everyone else. My music drop outs started up again recently. One person mentioned iPad and iOS4.2 - I'm going to play with that.

    I have an Airport Extreme and 3 AEX all streaming music. The computer is hardwired (firewire) to the main stereo. When the music drops out, the firewire keeps playing - all three AEX drop out at the same time. So I have trouble thinking it is the AEX. Anyway that is my 2 cents, hope Apple finds the bug.
  • JP996 Level 1 Level 1
    I have had the same issue with the dropouts. AE connected to stereo, playing iTunes over wifi through iMac.
    After reading some of the posts, I found that if the Airport box for "ask to join new networks" is UNCHECKED, then my issue was resolved. No more dropouts!!!
  • frickefracker Level 1 Level 1
    Hey, JKustak

    ++> JKustak wrote:++
    ++> I have an Airport Extreme and 3 AEX all streaming music. The computer is hardwired (firewire) to the main stereo. When the music drops out, the firewire keeps playing - *all three AEX drop out at the same time*. So I have trouble thinking it is the AEX. Anyway that is my 2 cents, hope Apple finds the bug. this is a very interesting thing... All three AEX dropping out at the same time? So, the temporary solution that I apply (simple resetting the AEX) maybe doesn't work for you if you only reset one of the AEX. And yeah, I have to agree with you that with simultaneos drop outs, it's not likely to be an AEX problem, but this reinforces the theory that we're dealing with some kind of combined incompatibility. And the fact that the hardwired computer keeps playing during the simultaneous drop outs confirms the fact that it's not an iTunes-only problem. All this could sound obvious, but I think that from your post, we can establish several facts, and somehow start to isolate the main problem and its components and discard all other distracting factors (microwaves, the neighbor's 2.4 GHz phone, etc), which while being interference-related, and yes, can affect the quality of the broadcasted signal and eventually could interrupt the transmission, they aren't the causes of this annoying problem.

    While simultaneous buffer overflows in the AEX is an adventurous theory, it really could happen, because being identical combinations of hardware and software the same condition that causes a drop out in one, should cause a drop out in the others, so I'm not inclined to discard that yet.
    Maybe more experiments could take us near to identify the main causes of the problem. For example, what happen if, when you start to experience the drop outs you simple reset (two or three seconds reset button press) only one of the AEX? And if you reset all of them?

    Even being a little bit annoyed with this situation, I reckon that in this whole discussion forum, your post is one of the few ocassions that somebady puts an interesting sum of facts that can probably lead to identify the problem or at least, give us and them some clues of where to start and how to solve it.

    While it's easier to post a complain and hope for some tech guy at apple to read it and solve it for us, I humble guess that posting a definition of the problem, a detailed and tested sum of facts and some data regarding the issue, maybe could be more effective and get their attention.
    Because I'm not capable of solving it alone, I found this amusing (but not relevant), and a nice way to experiment with collective intelligence and combined resources. I don't have a lab to make all those tests, but I've been able to isolate my network and still experience the drop outs, thus disregarding interference, and some guy there tested a combination of AEX and hardwired hardware, and posting those results here and analyzing them maybe get us near the solution. And for me, that's more fun than sit and complain.
  • Steven Edwards Level 1 Level 1
    I'm moving my airport extreme post to this thread as I think it may be a connected issue.

    My Airport Extreme is driving me insane and I'm hoping someone can shed some light.

    I'm using a Macbook 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of memory, running 10.6.5. My wireless network is set up with a Netgear DGN 2000. Joining this network are two Airport Expresses (not the newer N version) connected to speakers and one Airport Extreme (not the dual band version) with an external hard drive connected that holds all my music (the HD has its own power source). The router, Airport Extreme and one of the Airport Expresses are in the same room.

    My internet speed and connection is great, I get 14Mb/s result on speed test sites and can see download speeds peaking at around 1.8MB/s (via an iStats menu).

    All good so far.

    When I stream a movie from the external drive on the Extreme I can view for a short time before it stutters and dies. My iStats menu shows my incoming traffic at around 1.8MB/s when streaming but then drops to 9.1KB/s and then to 0KB/s as everything creaks to a halt.

    When listening to a track through iTunes from the external drive on the Extreme, all's fine for a short while until constant dropouts make using iTunes nigh on impossible. I can see the incoming traffic on my network hitting 0KB/s with each stutter. Streaming to the Expresses via AirPlay on the iPhone is unaffected.

    My home network is secured using Mixed WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK. With security disabled I can stream a video for around 90 seconds before the problem returns. The available security options on my router are WEP; WPA-PSK; WPA2-PSK; Mixed WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK; WPA-802.1x

    Using iStats my SNR fluctuates between 69 and 43. I'm on Channel 6 (along with two barely detectable networks) and the two stronger networks iStumbler detects are on channels 1 and 11.

    I don't know if it's of any help but when looking at my network's graph in iStumbler it's full of sharply spiked peaks and troughs, nearby networks' graphs appear fairly flat.

    I've reset the Extreme and Expresses innumerable times. The only thing that seems to help for a short while is trashing the contents of Library/Preferenses/System Configuration and rebooting. This fix seems to last for a few hours at most.

    Can anyone shed ANY light?
  • Jerome Colas Level 2 Level 2
    Hi. I'd first like to thanks contibute to this discussions who helped me found a solution (at least for me).

    In a nutshell : *I did a factory reset of my Airport Express base station* (saved and restored the Express's profiles) *and everything went back to normal*.

    I had a perfectly working setup for about a year and a half (Airport Extreme-monoband as a router with a 5 Ghz only 802.11n network, plus a 802.11n Airport Express in bridge mode, connected to the Extreme via an Ethernet cable, and creating a 2.4Ghz 802.11n/g/b network).
    The Extreme/5Ghz network is the fastest. My Macs, iPad and AppleTv are wirelessly (except for the Mac mini which is wired to it) connected to this Extreme/5Ghz network.
    My iPhone 4 and iPod (latest) cannot connect to the 5Ghz network and connect to the Airport Express/2.4Ghz slower network.

    Everything worked very well, including Airplay in all directions, including video from iTunes, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to my Apple TV, and audio to my sterero system plugged to the Airport Express.
    Until 1 week ago : Everything from the iPod touch or iPhone started to fail : video to Apple TV rarely worked, and audio through Airport Express had a lot of drops out.
    Internet access speed from the iPod and iPhone was very slow, as confirmed by internet speed testing apps.
    Everything going through the Extreme/5Ghz network continued to work flawlessly, including video to Apple TV and audio to Airport Express.
    If I connected the Macs or iPad through the Express/2.4Ghz network, problems appeared there too.
    Connecting them to the Extreme/5Ghz network had the problems disappeared.

    After reading some posts here, I factory reset the Airport Express using the Aiport Utility (actually first export profiles; then factory reset, then reimport profiles).

    Everything is smooth as silk now.
    It it starts failing again, I will just factory reset the Airport Express.

    Let's just hope that Apple a firmware fix in a not too distant future ...

    Hope this helps,

  • bellamey Level 1 Level 1
    Airport express firmware was updated yesterday.
    No more dropouts with optical connection from aex to my stereo!
    Tested with airfoil and airplay. Finally!
  • scampydog Level 1 Level 1
    Seems to finally be working now. Did a hard reset.
    1) Unplug from outlet
    2) Push pen/screw driver/paper clip/whathaveyou into reset and hold
    3) Plug back into outlet and wait until light blinks
    4) Now go and configure

    My setup is to Join an Existing Network. Channel set to 8, one where there isn't any interference. My AX is also set to no Interference Robustness - not sure if that setting makes any difference.

    My AE has the latest firmware as well and am using iTunes 10

    Now I'll just wait and see if this fix holds since others seem to have theirs revert back to drop outs after a while.
  • fisherKing Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac
    i have tried most of the above ideas; i just moved (dec 1), and am getting intermittent dropouts from itunes (from a macbook on 10.6.4, AND a powerbook g4 on 10.5.8). i notice that streaming netflix over my airport network NEVER drops out; it's only itunes from the macs...hmmmm..

    good internet speeds (3x better than my last apartment, where i never had this problem).

    wish this all worked better...
  • kjelz Level 1 Level 1
    I am streaming from a imac to an express and was experiencing drop outs. I tried several things, amongst which were resetting to factory settings, downgrading and upgrading, restarting but to no avail.

    Now I turned of IPv6 (in network settings, advanced) and it all seems to work again. I think the imac was connecting with IPv6 to the express, I saw IPv6 addresses with %bridge in the express log. Now it is just a regular ip-address. On the express IPv6 is set to link-local.

    So my suggestion is to disable IPv6 on any macbook / imac.
  • GarryRobson Level 1 Level 1
    I have Airport Extreme, Airport Express, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhones, iMac, etc, and the setup has worked perfectly for the past 5 or 6 years until the last few months. Now, I now suffer music dropout when streaming from any of the above devices and, occasionally, lose internet to my MacBook Pro.

    It goes without saying, I have done everything. Resetting, re-sighting, rebuilding the network, the lot. The only thing that usually helps is if I put the laptop, iPad, etc., within a foot or two of the Airport Express. But I haven't had to do this for the last 5 years. Until recently, everything has been perfect.

    I can only think this has something to do either with the latest iTunes release, or Airport Express firmware. Something has affected the range of the system and it seems we are all suffering to varying degrees. Unless we all have faulty Airport Expresses! Haha!

    Come on Apple. This needs sorting.

    Garry Robson.
  • GarryRobson Level 1 Level 1
    I found a solution at last! At least it works for me. I am back to non-dropout airtunes

    After much resetting, re-sighting, etc., I went back to 'channels'. Guess what? Success (for me at least) on Channel 12 - and ONLY Channel 12 !! Even holds good when reconfigured into WDS extended network. Happy days!
  • hamsammy Level 1 Level 1
    How do you access / modify channel?

    I too have the multiple iOS device, Airport Express, AppleTV, and Mac setup, with maddening inconsistency using Airplay.

    Sometimes, seamless. But more often, stuttering, or the Airplay icon doesn't show on the iOS device (Pad, Phone, Touch) even though everything is on my home high speed wireless network.

    It's most frustrating because it holds so much promise, but I swear I probably spend at least 15 minutes everyday messing around with some piece of it.

    I've found I can generally get the Airplay icon to reappear if I turn Wifi off then back on. But then, the stuttering.

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