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  • stonewashed Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi-I'm not an expert but this also happens to me whenever I turn my microwave on and the music is playing. I then have to return to computer and start streaming again. I would love to know if there is an answer to this also. Thanks
  • kluecke1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Same problems as everyone else. Speakers connected to APX, joined to main wireless network. APX will show in iTunes, I start playing music, and 15+ minutes later it will disappear. Maybe it will come back in an hour, maybe in a week and a half. Totally random and drives me crazy.

    Latest and crappiest versions of OSX, iTunes, APX firmware....

    Apple - are you listening? This is the longest thread in here? You can't update your firmware or iTunes to tweak this?
  • Filly Level 1 (85 points)
    Anyone have any luck changing the beacon interval setting on their router?

    It worked for me. Lowered the default of 100 down to 50.

    Posted details on this thread:
  • Furnmaker Level 1 (0 points)
    Well its pretty amazing that there are 26 pages of posts since 2008 and there is only one posted solution to these airport express problems and apple hasn't fixed the issues. It amazes me that they come out with the ipad, iphone and the airplay all which seem central to the apple wireless experience and they don't work flawlessly. We purchased our airport express three or four years ago with our new imac and streamed over airtunes for years with a green light and no trouble. I upgraded to the new itunes a year or year and a half ago and its been problems ever since. Do we just need a new airport or is it itunes and the software. It seems to be software. We often get internet connection via the airport to the phone but the computer won't pick it up. Today I was connected to the airport and have all the bars in the icon in the upper right corner of OSX and airport utility can't find the airport and mail and the internet barely function. For a while it seemed to stay connected as long as we left itunes closed on the computer. Airfoil will work but not itunes sometimes. Airtunes now stops and restarts eratically and almost to the point where we have stopped listening. We need to reboot the airport express almost daily. Our internet connection also seems erratic as well now. Its a drag because it worked so well when we first got it and now it runs like a windows system.
  • ronaldfrombirmingham Level 1 (0 points)

    Let me first say that I find it pathetic that there are no Apple reps scouring these boards and making comments on problems like this.  Now, here is some more info that might help:


    1. Wife uses a Mac
    2. I use a PC. 
    3. We both run iTunes from our respective computers and send the signal to a remote stereo which has an Airport Express attached.


    My PC/iTunes combo had the dropout issue for a long time,then suddenly worked flawlessly for at least a year.  Now its back to unusable due to the dropouts every 10 seconds.  My wife’s Mac/iTunes combo performs flawlessly – no dropouts. She is using iTunes 9.2 and I am on 10.2. 


    Based on a theory proposed in several posts, I tried going back to iTunes 9.2.  No luck.  I still have the same exact dropout problem.  The iTunes version is not the issue.


    However, I think we can conclude that some setting in the Mac is different from that in my PC and is allowing her to work fine while mine is unusable.  Her Mac is a Mini with the Airport built in.  My PC has an AirportExpress unit attached via Ethernet and receives internet from the main Airportbase station which is wired to the modem.  So best I can tell, she sends music out of her PC and it either goes straight to the AEx attached to the stereo, or it goes out of the PC to the base station and to the AEx/stereo.  My PC goes from my AEx to the AEx at the stereo.  All of this is wireless. Hers works fine.  Mine is useless.  Can anyone use this info to further the cause?

  • ronaldfrombirmingham Level 1 (0 points)

    Just to comment further on my own last post, I've upgradedto iTunes 10.3 and no luck.  One observation that I think is important isthis - some people are describing the problem as a dropout while someone else pointedout that it is more like a flutter.  The flutter description is moreaccurate.  A dropout would imply that the sound stops momentarily, butwhen it comes back it would be at the correct point in the song as time woulddictate.  This is definitely not what's happening to me.  Thedisturbance causes a flutter or pause in the music.  The song definitelyloses the beat and picks up out of time with where it was previously.  Itall happens very quickly, but it certainly happens this way.  Thissuggests a buffer problem.   Just my thoughts.

  • ronaldfrombirmingham Level 1 (0 points)

    And one more comment:  I installed Airfoil and the problem got three times worse.  This was the case for iTunes and all other programs that I tried it with.  Many theories have been proposed in this string, but I have elimiated Airfoil as a solution and iTunes 10 as a cause.  All of the the theories around microwave and phone interference are clearly not correct either.

  • saywhatwhenever Level 1 (0 points)

    I just want to add my name to the chorus of complaints. I have the same issue. Latest versions of OS/iTunes/Firmware. I works for a while then stops and becomes intermittent. I have two AirPort's they used to both work flawlessly. This issue started for me a month or so ago. I have tried some of the simple fixes with Wireless channels and beacon interval - no luck. Please Apple, pretty please - fix this. It's unusable.

  • Bent from Noway Level 1 (0 points)

    I made a test streaming from iTunes to ATV2 and then there is no drop outs. If I then switch to AirPort Express the drop outs starts again. I think based on this and all the feedback here, it must be rather clear that the issue is with the AirPort Express.

  • ronaldfrombirmingham Level 1 (0 points)

    Please elaborate on the signal chain.  If I understand ATV2, the signal goes from your Computer to either: 1) an Airport Express, 2) Airport Extreme, or 3) internal Airport Card (which would be present in a Mac).  From there it is streamed to the ATV2 at the TV/Stereo.


    I ask because I have already determined that from my wife's Mac, there is no problem whatsoever.  The stream goes directly from her Mac's iTunes out thru the internal Airport card and wirelessly to the Airport Express at the stereo.  This scheme works fine.  Note that it has no Express unit at the computer, but instead the internal airport card since this is a Mac.  Also note that there is an Express at the stereo receiving the stream from the Mac.


    However, from my PC (not a Mac), I have to route the signal from iTunes to an Express unit (attached by ethernet cable to the PC).  That Express unit then sends a wireless signal to the other Express unit at the stereo.  This setup has the "dropout" problem.


    So the theory that the Airport Express is the culprit is still lacking.  I mean, in the Mac setup, an Express does the receiving and works fine.  In the PC setup, there are two Express units and it's not usable because of the dropout problem.  Perhaps we can theorize that two Express units can be the culprit, but I can say for sure that a single Express is working fine as a reciever in my house.  Or perhaps the Express cannot be used as the sender of the wireless signal.


    Anyone else have an observation?  


    Also, I maintain that the problem is with buffering and not with dropouts. 

  • Alexandre Anthonioz Level 1 (5 points)

    Hello all,


    Seems I have the same problem than everybody on this discussion. Music stopping after one or a few more minutes on airplay, the airport express disappears from Itunes and from the Airport Utility and I have to unplug it and replug it in order to be detected again...

    I tried a lot of things like: changing the security protocol (WEP, WPA, WPA2), changing the channel from my router (I have a Zyxel), opening some TCP and UDP ports according to some Apple documents, repairing all disks permissions, connect the aiport express everywhere in the house and some other things and nothing works.


    I think the best thing in this is the Apple support saying that they can't help me because I work on Wifi with a non-Apple router. HP should do the same, "Oh, you use your printer on a non-HP PC, sorry but we can't help us". Amazing...


    And they are also not able to provide a document with working network parameters...


    Hope they'll do something !

    At the time, buying an aiport express to stream music is just waste of money !!

  • Alexandre Anthonioz Level 1 (5 points)



    One more interesting parameter with this problem of drop out:


    The problems I described in my last post were related to the use of my brand new iMac 27''.

    If I use my MacBook Pro to connect to the express, there is absolutely no problem and everything works perfectly. More disturbing, if, after having connected with the macbook, I connect with the iMac and switch the macbook off, everything works perfectly...

    But, if I switch my iMac off and try to reconnect, same problem than before... I have to "open the network" with the macbook pro before it can work with the iMac.

    I recontact the apple support but it remains an unsupported problem.

  • ronaldfrombirmingham Level 1 (0 points)


    Sounds like you have a distinctly different problem that revolves around connectivity.  I think most of the posts here have the issue that I have:  the music intermittently skips, flubs, or drops out every few seconds.  Mine happens every 10 seconds and it acts just like when you watch a video on the internet and its playing faster than the video can download.  So it keeps pausing for short intervals while the download catches up with the viewing.  I've been calling that a buffering issue and I don't know if that's the right technical description, but I almost guarantee that is what is happening with the stream from my PC's Airport Express to the Express at the stereo.  Its like the song file is too big to stream fast enough to play back live.


    Nonetheless, you have an issue as well and have the same problem we all have - Apple is of no use in helping with it.  That's why I use a PC.  Unfortunately, the wife likes her Mac and that's how we landed here with this mess.

  • Bent from Noway Level 1 (0 points)



    I made the following discovery:


    When the music disappears for a few seconds, it also seems like the Internet is lost. If the music disappears because of the lost Internet or Internet because of internal network issues is hard d to say.

    I tested by having my Safari browser open, and as soon as the music dropped I hit one of my favorites and clearly the site is not loading. The music comes back, and the site start to load. When the music plays normal, sites loads as normal.


    Could it be an issues with the Internet connection causing this? Seems like my line is up all the time, but I guess access to Internet can be missing anyway.


    I have an Time Machine as router. Is it making checks on the availability of Internet? If I turn off all the units on my network and only having the Time Machine running, I see the green lamp flash (turned on the activity monitor) at the same time as the lamp on my Internet connection box.

  • Bent from Noway Level 1 (0 points)

    I´m not very convinced that the music drop outs is linked to issues with the internet access. There is of course an option that disturbances on my internal network make both the music and internet to drop, but I think it is the drop of internet that start this. I wonder how the Time Machine check for internet and what happen when the connection is not there?

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