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    I have the same problem & have tried all the so called fixes but to no avail. This is ridiculous and not what I expected from the superior technical powerhouse of should be easy to stream music! I have wasted literally days over trying to sort this out over the last six months including calls to Apple support (condescending & patronising) trawling the web & trying all the router & channel settings, using only ethernet & switching the wireless off. It still drops out & turns off after an hour.  I've had enough, so it's for sale on ebay if you want it because I've found audio pro wf 100 which is brilliant.  It's a dongle (I know...more bulky) that creates it's own network independently & connects software or airfoil to mess around dropouts...lossless playback...brilliant quality playback through my hi fi, just what I wanted in the first place. Admittedly it's double the price but I've been so frustrated with the whole thing it's worth it!  Why oh why didn't Apple fix this?

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    I just updated my Dlink D-625 wireless router (about 4 years old) with a Cisco EA3500 wireless router. Its early days, but since I did that I have not had an issue with erratic mouse behaviour upon waking (how that relates to Bluetooth I have no idea), iTunes music streaming dropouts, or difficulty upon waking connecting to the router from my late 2009 MacBook (I would often have to turn wifi off and then on in the MacBook or reboot the router). All of these things were becoming all to regular.

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    I have similar problems that are driving me nuts.


    Your suggestion sounds promising but I'm struggling to find the advanced settings on either my Airport Express or my Airport Extreme.


    Are you running Airport Utlility 6.1 ?



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    Hi Jazzkagge,


    lots have changed since then.. After changing the settings it worked much much better, but still i had some drop outs. Now i changed my setup to wired. I now use Homeplugs ( Ethernet over Power) to get my network connecting to my stereo, and there i plug in my AE. This works great for me. (2 adapters cost about 50 euro).


    I also changed from windows to using mac. So, i my opinion wired is the best solution.


    For the settings you are looking for are not on the AE, but on the router that connects you to the internet.


    good luck,



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    I too have found that a hard wired (ethernet) airport express rarely to no drop outs when using AirPlay. Plus it greatly enhances my wifi speed as well as coverage area having it set up as an active roaming network.

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    I have the same problems as you all are describing when I am using ITunes playing my own music wireless. It is absolutely not ok and as a consequence I have almost stopped playing my own music stored on my hard drive.


    Some users has mentioned problems when neighbours are using the same channels as you that this might cause interference and music fall outs. But I believe that it doses not explains it all. Their seems to be a more fundamental problem with the apple itunes/airport interaction.


    When I am streaming music using 'Spotify mobile' on my iPad/iphone their is no fall outs at all. Here I am streaming music online from the web - based on an apple approved app for IPad and IPhone.


    Please fix the problem before I looses my believe in iTunes.

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    Bought this as a Christmas Present for my Dad so he could stream music to his Zepplin. Was looking forward to showing it off at our New Years Eve Party and lasted about 2 songs as it was cutting out every 20/30 seconds. Completely unacceptable.


    I have the old Plug version which works perfectly.. Not sure what they have done with the new design. I think it will have to be returned.


    This should be branded with AirPl......................................A................................... ...Y because thats what my music sounds like.

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    After months of frustration including several visits to One to one and genius bar appointments I have tonight managed to play without drop-outs for the first time.  I have connected the airport express to the internet with an ethernet cable. (I'm using an internet over the mains adaptor)  This sort of defeats the purpose of the unit ie. wireless transmission but at least I have managed to get rid of those infuriating dropouts at last.  Apple shouldn't be marketing a device which doesn't work in the way it should.

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    I finally resoved the constant drop-out after 3 frustrating days of fiddling around. (My model is the A1264)

    Here is a good list of 12 steps to go through: ore-Reliable.aspx


    What solved it for me was step 10:turning off IPv6 (the others made no difference)

      1. Click Start / Control Panel
      2. Click 'Network and Sharing Center'
      3. Click 'Change Adaptor Settings'
      4. Right click your network adaptor and select 'Properties...'
      5. Untick 'Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6):


    The unit now works great - let me know if this works for you

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    Any solution to this issue? I have been looking for YEARS now and no one seems to give a straight answer of how to fix the streaming drops to AX. I got a new Macbook Pro Retina recently and a last generation AX. I though that new generation hardware would fix my problem. NOTHING !!! I stll have the drops and I am starting to start looking at other music streaming options in the market. Too bad I have waisted my money in Apple products.


    If anyone knows a straight forward solution for this sreaming dropping issue I will highly appreciate it.

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    Hi which settings did you change on your router? Thanks

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    The solution to this problem really is pretty siimple.  Stop buying Apple products.  The arrogance of this company has led it to the point where it is starting to act like a monopoly.  They almost believe that they have no competition.  In some sense, I guess they're right because there are legions of Apple-buying idiots that would never even consider a competitor's product simply because they are so loyal to Apple's inferior products.  Ever notice how Apple doesn't even have a tech people that comb thru these message boards to provide help or answers?  I think that says about all you need to know.  The answer is to look elsewhere.  There are much better products out there.

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    I am trying to find an alternative and the only one I think is feasible is the Audioengine W3 system (I have Audioengine products and I really like them). Have you used a differnet streaming system to Ariplay? Any recommendations?

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    The apple stuff has miraculously cured itself so I'm still using them, but I know how that goes.  One day I'll wake up and it won't work again.  I have no other alternative to offer, but I could use one.  I hate that the apple streaming stuff doesn't allow anything but apple (as in Itunes) to stream.  It won't allow for windows media player or any other type of player to stream to my speakers.  At least as far as I know.  So I'll check out Audioengine and see if that would work.  I'll try anything at this point.

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    I ran into the same problem a couple of years ago. But I switched to an active roaming network by hardwiring my two expresses into my extreme. I have not had a problem since.