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I've searched and searched on this one, to no avail. So, please help out if possible.

In Excel, the scroll lock is permanently on. While I've seen posts in a number of places indicating that function + F14 will toggle this, my wireless keyboard doesn't have f14

Not being able to use the arrow keys to navigate in a worksheet is a huge pain. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    With Excel open, go to the Excel preferences and see if there is anything available to unlock the scroll bar.

    Changing how scroll bars work
    You can customize how scroll bars work using options in the Appearance pane of System Preferences.

    Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Appearance.
    Select a scrolling style.
    To see the content in a window jump to the next or previous page when you click below or above the scroller (on the right side of a window), select "Jump to the next page."

    To see the content scroll to where you click in the scroll bar, select "Jump to here."

    You can press and hold the Option key when you click in the scroll bar to momentarily switch to the other method of scrolling.

    To see the contents of the window scroll smoothly (without jumping), select the "Use smooth scrolling" checkbox.
    You can also click and hold the scroll arrows to move through a document. Use Appearance preferences to place scroll arrows together or at the top and bottom of the scroll bar.

    *Some applications may allow you to scroll through a document in other ways, such as by dragging in the documents, using arrow keys, or by pressing the Space bar. If the content of the document you're viewing is completely visible in the window, scroll bars do not appear.*

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    I haven't seen anything in Excel preferences to modify this. From the various posts I've seen in other forums, it seems to be a longstanding issue. I saw one on a microsoft excel site that was dated 2004. But, crucially, there's got to be a keyboard combo that would perform the scroll lock function, right? I just can't find the documentation to say what it is.

    Thanks for the tips on scroll bars though.
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    You're welcome. Can you use the page up and page down keys???

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    The wireless keyboard lacks those keys.
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    Just for the record -- this is probably not an approved Apple work-a-round, but it worked. Attached a microsoft natural keyboard via usb to the iMac. Turned off my wireless keyboard. Opened Excel and hit the scroll lock button, got a volume control icon on the iMac, so tried shift+scroll lock and it worked. Excel is now normal, even with the wireless keyboard back on and excel closed and reopened.

    Life is never dull.
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    mdarnell wrote:
    The wireless keyboard lacks those keys.

    Page up and page down keys on a wireless kb are fn + arrow up and fn + arrow down.

    I should also add that the home and end keys are fn +arrow left and fn + arrow right respectively

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    Thanks. Most of the transition from Windows has been pretty easy. But things like this, and other things that are so ingrained in Apple users (that make it like asking someone how they tie their shoes) have been a bit of trouble at times. The Switch 101 docs get you started, but.....