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How the heck do I do this? Everytime I try to play an itunes movie store purchase in itunes it is all distorted and the audio and video are all off. I want to try to play the itunes movie in Quicktime. I need the help and can not figure this out

HP DV4000, Windows XP
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    ok. what you wanna do is, open itunes, then go to your purchased movie (movie folder). click the movie that you want to watch once, when is highlight, drag it to start manue button, start manu button will open up, then drag it to my documents. after that task. the movie copy/tranfer to your documents.
    when its done. go open your my documents, when it open, right click the movie that you tranfer there and go on (open with) then choose, quick time player.
    there your good to go. enjoy!
  • Quest1723 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks! Helped a bunch!!