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I have a problem, where Windows recognises the iPod is connected, and iTunes diagnostics report information about the iPod, but iTunes does not allow syncing.

I'm running Windows XP pro SP3

My iPod is shown by iTunes diagnostics as
IPOD (G:\), iPod nano (Second Generation) running firmware version 1.0.2

When I connect it to the PC, it's recognised as a removeable disk device.

I ran the diagnostics within iTunes, and it passed the tests, showing the iPod was connected, the version, firmware and serial number was correct, as shown above.

However, the iTunes program still doesn't think it's connected. In the File menu, the 'Sync iPod' selection is greyed out, and the iPod is not shown in the lefthand pane.

It has worked ok in the past, but now it doesn't and I haven't done anything obvious to make it stop working.

Any ideas?


iPod nano, Windows XP Pro
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    Try this

    1) Connect your iPod and close iTunes
    2) Right click on My Computer on your desktop (or do the same from your XP bloated start up menu if that's what you use)
    3) Click on Manage
    4) Under Storage, go down to Disk management
    5) In the right bottom pane, find your iPod
    6) Right click and assign different drive letter
    7) Now open iTunes. Do you see your iPod ?

    XP is really bad with assigning drive letters to USB devices and it's possible that it's assigning one that is or was used by a shared drive.

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    No, that didn't help, sorry.
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    Still can't get it to work.

    The iPod is recognised by Windows, and the iTunes diagnostics thinks it's connected (the tests Pass), but iTunes does not show it under Devices, and the Sync option in the menu is greyed out, so the main program thinks it's not connected, whereas Windows and iTunes diagnostics think it is.

    I've tried all the usual iPod reset suggestions too, but still no resolution
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    I fixed it! It seems some files in the iPod were corrupt. Here's the resolution:

    1. Put the iPod into Disk Mode (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1363)

    2. Connect it to the PC. If iTunes starts, close the program.

    3. Use Windows Explorer to browse the files on the iPod device. In my case, it was showing as drive G:(IPOD).

    4. You may need to configure Windows Explorer to show hidden files: in the Tools / Folder Options / View tab, select the "show hidden files and folders" option.

    5. In my case, there was a file \bootex.log showing that some files were corrupt. I deleted the files it listed.

    6. There was also a folder \found.000 containing recovered file fragments. I deleted all the .CHK files in this folder.

    7. Look in the folder \iPod_Control and you will see a folder called iTunes (it's a hidden folder). I renamed this folder to iTunes-OLD.

    8. Using the Windows "safely remove hardware", stop the iPod device.

    9. Reset the iPod (hold the centre & menu button till the Apple appears).

    10. Reconnect the iPod and start iTunes (if it doesn't start itself).

    11. It will now recognise the iPod. You may have the re-load the library and settings, but at least it now works!

    Good luck!
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    This works ! You're a iGOD !
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    I hope you see this! I have an ipod touch and I'm having sync issues. itunes recognizes the device but under the file tab, sync ipod is greyed out. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both of the latest versions of itunes and even quicktime, I have 800 songs in my library and I can't do anything, it's so frustrating! can you help me? it would be much appreciated!