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Anyone have experience with epocrates on the iPod Touch? I'd be grateful to hear any suggestions about epocrates or other medical apps on the Touch. Thanks.

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    Okay, guess I can answer my own question now.

    When one downloads the epocrates app from the iTunes store (it's free), one receives a small (about 900kb) app file which is probably an installer; it's not the epocrates program. If one tries to run the "app," a screen appears that has a button which says, "continue installation." Upon clicking the button, a screen will appear saying, "you must be connected to the Internet. Please establish a connection, and try again."

    So, one must find & join a wi fi network, then start the epocrates "app" and click the "continue installation" button. At that point the installer connects to the epocrates site and completes installation of epocrates on the Touch. Only takes a few minutes. The free version works fine on the Touch.

    BTW, epocrates e-mailed me in response to an inquiry about paid versions of their app for the iPhone & Touch. They won't promise anything, but say they continue to weigh their options for development on these platforms. If anyone is interested in a paid version (a yearly subscription which contains much more information than the free version), it's a good idea to contact epocrates through their web site and express your interest.

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    My wife subscribed to epocrates and updates both its database and the application via a wifi connection. The app is updated through the iTunes store; the database seems to connect directly to epocrates.