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I have been using an iMac (Mid 2007) for almost a year without any problem. Two weeks ago i star having this problem. I was using the Mac when i notice that it was very slow and that the keychain don't work (with Mail or System preferences for example) so i reboot, then it hangs at boot and constantly keep rebooting.

For solving the problem i try to check and repair the disk but the disk utility didnt find any problem. So i decide to check and repair the permissions, there were a lot of bad permissions, and i repair them but when i reboot i hangs and keep rebooting like before.

Before the problem i had made a backup of my system with SuperDuper! so i restore that backup to the drive and i could boot, and all works great for 2 days, then the same problem happens again. I had tried to restore the backup to differents partitions and drives, to check out a hardware problem, but the problem happens again with differents partitions and drives. This problem had happens 7 times in two weeks.

The only thing that i remember that change in my system two weeks ago is that i install Intego VirusBarrier X5, before that i was using Norton AntiVirus 11.

I would appreciate a lot any help that you could give me. I am really lost with this problem.



iMac (Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.5.5)