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I have a lot of songs on the itunes on my Mac and I would like to select some and get them on my iphone.
Can anyone please explain how you get selected songs, as opposed to all music that is on itunes, onto the iphone?
Thanks for any advice.

MBP 2.4ghz 4gb ram and Mac Pro 2.8 8 core 10 GB ram, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    You use the "Music" tab to select playlists, etc. You can sync selected music only, you can manually manage music.

    You need to take some time and read the manual, as this is basic operation.


    Page 9

    "If there’s not enough room on iPhone for all the media you’ve specified, iTunes asks if
    you want to create a special playlist. iTunes creates the playlist for you, and sets it to
    sync with iPhone. "

    Page 58:

    "You can get music, video, and more onto iPhone by syncing content from iTunes. You
    can sync all of your media, or you can select specific songs, videos, and podcasts. "
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    This is very easy to do,when you connect your iphone to your computer and it shows up in itunes check the box to sync only checked(ticked)songs and music videos only.Now in itunes click on view tab and then click on show browser(if you have not already done this).This will then give you all the genres,artists and albums in your library.So you can pick out any artist or album you do not want to sync,so lets click on an album you do not want to sync.You can individually click on the tick box next to each track or press the apple key and the 'A' key on your keyboard at the same time and this will highlight every track,then click on the ctrl key and tap the trackpad/button at the same time and highlight and click on uncheck selection on the menu that will appear and this will uncheck all the tracks(to recheck just do the same but it will have check selection to click on).Now when you sync to the iphone/touch these unchecked tracks will not sync.They will always be in your library but they just wont be on your iphone.When you have done this once it will become very easy to sort music you want to sync and music you do not want to sync.
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    So if you for some reason do not have time to read the manual, it's very simple. You do not have to go through the whole process of selecting what you do not want to sync.

    In your iTuens library create a playlist specifically for your phone. Drag and drop whatver songs you want in the list. When you plug in your iPhone, click the Music tab, click the sync only selected playlist option and check the playlist you created for your phone. And that's it. Everytime you sync your phone it'll sync that playlist only.

    *Note, for some poeple (myself included), it's easier to manage your phone if you do not sync automatically. When you plug in your phone, the first window that pops up has optionas at the bottom to sync automatically, if you uncheck both boxes you can manually manage all the info you sync and don't want to sync.

    *It is a good idea to read the manual though =)