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I recently updated iTunes to Version 8.0 with the Genius function, but I have the feeling that this program is taking up space on my hard drive that I don't want to lose. I understand that you can turn off Genius in the Store menu, but it's still on my computer.

So, how do I eliminate the Genius function altogether from the version of iTunes on my computer? Is it possible? Or will I have to just go back to an older version that doesn't have Genius at all. I want to free up the space on my hard drive that the Genius program is using.

In a previous thread <http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1703834&tstart=15>, a user seemed to ask this question, but it never really was answered.

Any help from other users would be greatly appreciated.


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    AS it says in the thread you referred to you can turn off the genius function so it is not active.

    You do this on the Store menu.

    You can delete iTunes Library Genius.itdb in the iTunes folder. Normally if genius is switched on, it gets recreated, but I guess it may not if Genius is turned off, or at least it would remain small.

    You can't remove genius from iTunes, it is part of the program.