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phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
i would like you to tell me what exactly does jailbroken iphone mean pls.

ive been reading threads about it and they say something like this.

1.) there iphone is working 1st before
the connect to itunes appear.
2.) when they downloaded the 2.1 software or firmware, their simcard was burned. and itunes said "no sim" and something else about the sim.
3.) they tried the simcard to other phones and it didnt work.
4.) now their iphone doesnt work.

iphone 3g, Windows XP
  • Niel Level 10 (298,748 points)
    That means that the full capabilities of the device have been unlocked and the restrictions placed in the iPhone's firmware and/or OS have been removed.

  • phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
    so what you mean is that an iphone normally working, when updated with firmware 2.1 will be jailbroken? whose fault is it, is it the user's fault or apple fault?

    what will happen to the phone now, can it be used again, or be repaired?
  • Niel Level 10 (298,748 points)
    A jailbroken iPhone may become unusable if an attempt is made to update it. If the person who purchased it unlocked the iPhone, it's their fault, not Apple's.

  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    phebs1212 wrote:
    so what you mean is that an iphone normally working, when updated with firmware 2.1 will be jailbroken? whose fault is it, is it the user's fault or apple fault?

    No, it takes YOU to jailbreak the phone with certain software (or you bought it jailbroken). Firmware is the OFFICIAL software that can be on it, people that use other software to hack into and slightly alter it to remove restrictions CHANGE the official software. This is something you have to do your self using software from other people or as I said, bought it that way from a non official place.
  • phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
    but what if you have reset the all contents and settings, and when the iphone turned on, it says connect to itunes. and the iphone doesnt return to normal. you connected it to your computer and restored it through itunes, firmware 2.1 was updated, then poof.. it said no sim. when you try the sim to other phones, it doesnt work anymore. you inserted another sim, the itunes read the iphone but the sim cant be read? is it jailbroken already?
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    Only the SIM that came with the phone will work in an iPhone.
    SIM cards can go bad, if that is the case, you can get a replacement from your carrier.
  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,062 points)
    A jailbroken iphone has been hacked by someone.

    A hacked iphone will void the warranty, could brick the iphone on update, will not get support from apple or this forum.
  • phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
    but the sim that came with the iphone is the gevey sim. it says that u have to use the geveysim together with your simcard for better signal. is that legal?
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    Sounds like you bought from an official source.
  • phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
    i want to know if my friend's phone is jailbroken from the start so that she can return it to whoever sold her the iphone.
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    There isn't any easy way to tell.

    For most, they may find a program called Installer on it. But not all put that one. Some jailbroke and unlocked (to allow access to another network) then they resell....those phones if you ever update will relock the phone.

    The AppleStore here tells you the only places you can buy the phone...go check if the place that phone was bought is listed?
  • phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
    so what you mean is that having the gevey sim, that is to use the iphone with other networks, makes the iphone relocked?
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    No I didn't say that. Have no clue what you mean by gevey SIM. All I mean is we cannot tell you if it is jailbroken or unlocked. If it wasn't bought from an official source, good chance it is jailbroken or unlocked thus nobody can help you here or at Apple.

    If the SIM doesn't work, go to your carrier, ask for a new one. If you are on an official carrier, then the new SIM should get you going again.
  • phebs1212 Level 1 (0 points)
    well she said that it is an at&t iphone. BUT... it is sold here in the philippines. we only have globe iphones here. so there is a geveysim included with it. that gevey sim is used with the other simcard(any network), to make that network be accepted by the iphone.

    now i know that her iphone probably is jailbroke already, and then she updated it and it relocked.

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