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The last time Add Folder To Library (AFTL) worked, I added the MGMT album Oracular Spectacular to the iTunes library, by selecting the parent folder MGMT (x:\80gb\music\music\mgmt ; the album itself is x:\80gb\music\music\mgmt\oracular spectacular)

However, now, every time I try to AFTL, the directory all the music is stored in (x:\80gb\music\music\) displays ONLY the MGMT folder. If I right-click and select Add New Folder, it will detect that too (so that iTunes shows the x:\80gb\music\music folder has an MGMT folder and New Folder) but still no other folders.

I have tried expanding and collapsing different parts of the tree but to no avail, the only folder iTunes can see in there is MGMT (and New Folder if I make one) yet the music is absolutely definitely there, I can see it on the VNC connection to the server the music is on, and through Windows Network Drive (all the music is stored on a server running Ubuntu, networking with Samba).

It all worked fine previous to adding MGMT

(Yes, adding files individually works (Add File To Library), but that takes so long).

Sorry to put so much (possibly confusing) detail in, I wanted it to be correct!


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