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The last time Add Folder To Library (AFTL) worked, I added the MGMT album Oracular Spectacular to the iTunes library, by selecting the parent folder MGMT (x:\80gb\music\music\mgmt ; the album itself is x:\80gb\music\music\mgmt\oracular spectacular)

However, now, every time I try to AFTL, the directory all the music is stored in (x:\80gb\music\music\) displays ONLY the MGMT folder. If I right-click and select Add New Folder, it will detect that too (so that iTunes shows the x:\80gb\music\music folder has an MGMT folder and New Folder) but still no other folders.

I have tried expanding and collapsing different parts of the tree but to no avail, the only folder iTunes can see in there is MGMT (and New Folder if I make one) yet the music is absolutely definitely there, I can see it on the VNC connection to the server the music is on, and through Windows Network Drive (all the music is stored on a server running Ubuntu, networking with Samba).

It all worked fine previous to adding MGMT

(Yes, adding files individually works (Add File To Library), but that takes so long).

Sorry to put so much (possibly confusing) detail in, I wanted it to be correct!


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Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Sapphire ATi Radeon HD 4870, Windows Vista, All music stored on a Mapped Network Drive (X:) on an Ubuntu Samba server
  • s.perry Level 1 Level 1
    Umm, what should I do about this?

    I.e., how can I fix it so that Add Folder To Library works?
  • Thomas Sjöholm Level 3 Level 3
    Make sure that 'Keep iTunes Folder Organized' is enabled.
    Edit > Preferences > Advanced:
    That's also where you can see your default iTunes library.

    But I guess the main thing is to have 'Keep iTunes Folder Organized' enabled.
  • s.perry Level 1 Level 1
    Unfortunately, having moved the iTunes folder into the network drive, and checking 'Keep iTunes folder organized', the same problem occurs, the Add Folder To Library window still only shows MGMT\Oracular Spectacular under the header music folder.

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    I get exactly the same problem.

    This is only when running under Vista. My other windows systems using XP do not behave this way.

    It's a real pain, I hav
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    Just found a work around.

    Try to import files from another drive, you may need to copy at least one mp3 pr mp4 file to another drive and import the folder the file is in. Following this if you try to import a folder from the orignal drive you can select a new folder. The same problem occours again after this, must be a bug in Vista or the way iTunes uses Vista. Eirther way it's a real pain. I was thinking of getting an Apple MacBook I am now one step closer!

    Hope this helps.
  • Corey Mc Level 1 Level 1
    I am experiencing this problem too on Windows Vista.
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    I have also noticed that the Add Folder to Library feature has changed. And it has changed since the last itunes update because I went to the downloads page and verified that I have the current version.

    I am however able to move through the list using the mouse and the scrollbar.
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    Same problem ... sometimes I rip CD's, sometimes my sons do, but we share the same iTunes music folder (on an external HDD). I have not been able to clear out the info for the last folder added ... reboot PC, expand/collapse tree, nothing works. When a CD is ripped, I've got iTunes set to automatically add it to the current user's library, but it also creates a sub-folder in the iTunes music folder. If one of the other computer users wants to add the same CD/songs (folder) to their library, here's my workaround ...

    - Open the iTunes application.
    - Open the folder (mine is "iTunes Music") that contains the
    sub-folder that you want to add to your iTunes library.
    - Re-size both windows so you can see them both at the same
    time on your monitor.
    - Click and drag the folder you want to add to "Library" in
    the iTunes window.

    Hope this helps until someone else provides a better fix. Works great for me and is a lot quicker than using "Add folder to library" method.
  • Corey Mc Level 1 Level 1
    It seems like this problem occurs when selecting folders located on an external hard-drive. I didn't have this trouble when using the File - Add Folder to Library feature from my C: drive.