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Sohaila Level 1 (0 points)
Can anyone confirm that the new MacBook Pro's (purchased recently) have the screen hinge tightened?

MacBook Pro + MultiTouch, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • justin_6998 Level 1 (0 points)
    i just got it and i think its been fixed.
  • Mac Medic ( Level 6 (17,290 points)
    i just got it and i think its been fixed.

    How can you tell?

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  • justin_6998 Level 1 (0 points)
    Because the hinge not loose and when u do 45 degree, it still maintain its position
  • Forbina Level 1 (0 points)
    That is promising. But when was yours produced/built. Enter your serial number here to find out and post it here.
  • RRRize77 Level 1 (0 points)
    Wait... have I missed something? Has Apple acknowledged that the screen is too loose? I've complained to AppleCare about it myself, but the representative I spoke to told me that the screen is meant to be as loose as it is. She went on to say that it was intentionally designed looser than the former generation MacBook Pro so that the user can open the screen with one hand, instead of two. I accepted the response and figured that I'd just have to live with it like this. But, to be perfectly honest with you all, I thought it was the most absurd explanation and an insult to my intelligence, for reason I'm sure I don't have to explain to any of you.

    So, please tell me, is Apple acknowledging that the screen is too loose and are they offering to tighten it?

  • Forbina Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, it is designed this way. This is a respons from Apple on this issue (23.oct):

    "I sent a email to Steve Jobs and today got a call from the executive offices at Apple. The lady was very polite but stated that the hinge issue has been looked into and was designed this way. In is designed to move easily and stop before it slams into the base. Apple is satisfied with the hinge and it's performance and has no plans to do anything"

    You can also read about this topic here:
  • eastvillager Level 1 (25 points)
    I just got a new MBP yesterday. This is my second one. The first got really warm and didn't sleep properly when the lid was close. So before the 14 days was over I asked for an exchange. It was produced two weeks ago according to its serial number. It feels the same and if anything mine is a bit looser than the first one I had. I opened up the book in the Apple store to check the hinge and that was the least of the laptops problems. The lid didn't close evenly and one side had a large gap and the other none where the lid meets the front of the computer. Almost like it was warped. I made the salesman give me another though he wasn't too happy about it. The one I have now is fine. The screen and therefore the hinge is a bit of a hassle when you walk around with the machine, it will drop when walking and turning it down. Obviously its made to move more easily than the older MBP's. Understandable. Unless you are sitting flat on your back it's fine. I'm not quite sure of why people are complaining. To make it fall forward would mean you are on such an extreme angle, seemingly way too much to be working on a laptop. Obviously the lid on my new one (again 2 weeks old) has not been changed so don't expect they will at this point.
  • justin_6998 Level 1 (0 points)
    This is my MBP production info:

    Name: MacBook Pro (Late 2008)
    Model: Mxxxx MacBook Pro 2.53GHz
    Screen size: 15 inch
    Memory - number of slots: 2
    Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)

    Model introduced: 2008
    Production year: 2008
    Production week: 43 (October)
    Production number: 5035 (within this week)
  • becca jnr Level 1 (55 points)
    I was in an Apple store just yesterday and I tried the screens out for just this 'issue' and to be totally honest I noticed no loose feeling at all( not saying you guys have no issue btw !), they held open fine in the store , I even tried to get it to 'drop' down , didn't happen .
    I feel that it is not an issue affecting all MBP's
  • Frozo Level 2 (270 points)
    I came here to see if others were having issues with a loose hinge. After reading your explanation, I can see this may not really be a problem. It holds its angle at any spot you put it. The problem I noticed is that if you tilt the entire laptop, the weight of the screen can move it down fast. However, as you stated, I cant make it slam down with gravity alone -- it does slow down and stop before closing (at about 25-30 degrees). Im satisfied.
  • Scott Wood Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple has acknowledged the problem and has assigned it a Case # 112963672. Give that number to the AppleCare rep and they should arrange for a repair.
  • bilbo_baggins Level 4 (2,230 points)
    Do you know what the repair involves - can they tighten the hinge while I wait at an Apple Retail Store?

    Mine was manufactured late November 2008, and the screen swings further open when I stand up or sit down, or if I lift the MBP up from a table (unless I'm very gentle with it). I'm not too concerned about the fact the screen falls closed if I tip the computer at a peculiar angle, but I am concerned that the hinge will get damaged if it keeps swinging fully open every time I pick it up.
  • blurfocus Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a new MacBook Pro 15" produced in 2008, week 51. It has this same problem with the hinge. As long as the MacBook is sitting flat, the screen will stay put. However, if the base of the MacBook is tilted at 45 degrees or more the screen will close until it is a couple of inches from being fully closed.

    Many people don't care about this and ask why anyone would want to do that. However, for me and others who like to use their MacBook while lying on a bed with knees drawn up, this presents a problem. I consider this lack of tension in the new MacBook Pro hinge to be a design flaw.

    I've tried this with older 13" MacBooks and older 15" MacBook Pros (from early 2008) and none have this problem. Those models have stiff hinges that hold their position no matter the orientation of the MacBook.

    Has anyone learned whether or not it is possible to adjust the tension in the hinge? I have heard of people having the hinges tighted in older MacBook Pros but I have not heard for the latest MacBook Pro models.


    Name: MacBook Pro (Late 2008)
    Model: Mxxxx MacBook Pro 2.4GHz
    Screen size: 15 inch
    Memory - number of slots: 2
    Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)

    Model introduced: 2008
    Production year: 2008
    Production week: 51 (December)
  • Kykurnal Level 2 (175 points)
    First thing I noticed when I used one. I bought 2 MBPs on Jan 17. One lid falls when the unit is tilted over 15 degrees, the other seems to hold it's position fairly well.

    Personally, I like the 'stay where I set it' better than the flopper...
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