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I have a 20" Aluminium iMac with the bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Recently i've started to have some issues where the keyboard keeps disconnecting & reconnecting, also the mouse going slow and jerky. They have been working perfectly fine for the past year but only recently started to play up. I have gone into bluetooth prefs and deleted them and re-connected, this seemed to be a temporary fix but after a while it started again, although not as bad as before. I usually leave my Mac on all the time and just put it in sleep mode, the issue now seems to be waking it from sleep as well. I have tried restarts and re pairing as i said before but nothing seems to be solving the issue. Any ideas or fixes would be appreciated.


20" Aluminum iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 2.4GHz Intel Based 4GB RAM + iPhone 3G 16GB