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Good morning! I accessed my TC this morning, to see if my files are backing up. Perhaps I'm not looking in the correct place, but I cannot see my iphoto library in any of the backups that have been done. Please advise me where to look.


Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    To see if Time Machine is backing up your files, you don't look in the TC, but time machine itself. To test this, create a file on your desktop, run a time machine backup, delete he file, run time machine again, then access time machine using the application in your apps folder and locate the file there

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks! I see what you're saying. I backed up yesterday because I added some photos. When I access TM and iphoto library, it says last backup, with yesterday's date. When I went back in time, the iphoto library said last backed up and had another date.

    I didn't actually get to see the photos though. Maybe I had a misunderstanding of what TC could be. I thought I could look on TC and see my stuff. I can see the different dates it's backed up.

    So, if my laptop would ever quit, my stuff is on the TC? The TM backups are there?
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    you should have no need to ever look directly on the time capsule. All the info you ever require should be accessible via Time Machine.

    So, for example, you have a file which you deleted and want back. Go to Time Machine, go to the date where you last had the file, click on it, and restore, and it should appear where you last had it. You can do this for folders also

    So, in answer to your last question, if your laptop ever quit, the TM backups are on the TC. That's why it takes so long when in "preparing backup" mode: It does a lot more than just copy a file from your mac to your TC! Hope that this helps