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I'm using imovie 6 and followed the directions to export using share and expert settings. It took 4 hours and compressed it!! Is there anyway to see the actual movie in HD. I actually really want to export from IDVD, but I don't i can. Let alone see it in HD. Anyone know how i can see my HD taken movies from apple tv?

imac intel, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    Mac OS X
    I'm not actually sure what it is you are asking, could you tell us what type of video you are importing into imovie 6 and what your export settings are, and also what you mean by 'see the actual movie in HD'.

    Are you trying to put movies on DVD or export them for the tv.
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    From what I've read you can buy Quicktime Pro ($30) and it has an option to export your HD video file to Apple TV in 720p. See this link http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/07/03/19/appletv_export_options_slip_into_latest_quicktimeupdate.html
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    Actually, it looks like you can do this without buying Pro. You can just Share/Quicktime inside of iMovie.
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    After messing with things for a bit I now know how to get any high definition video from iMovie to Apple TV (outputted in 720 on your Apple TV):
    - first, inside iMovie choose Share/QuickTime (iMovie HD) or Share/Export Using Quicktime (iMovie '08)
    - if using iMovie HD you'll then need to choose "Expert Settings" in the "Compress movie for:" dropdown box and click share
    - In the Export dropdown box choose Movie to QuickTime Movie and then click Options
    - In "Settings" change the framerate to 24 (this is necessary in order to get 720 resolution on Apple TV), save that and then in "Size" change it to 1440 X 1080 (we'll shrink it down to 720 in a later step), and make sure sound encoding is also on. Export the QuickTime file now.
    - Then open the QuickTime vile (.mov) in QuickTime, Edit/Export. This time choose movie to Apple TV. Let it do it's thing and then drop the new .m4v file into iTunes. If you right-click the file in iTunes and select Get Info, you'll see that the resolution is 1280 x 720. And it should work on your Apple TV (although I should say that I don't own an Apple TV, at least not yet, so I haven't tested it; but it is the right kind of file).

    If you don't care about 720 resolution you can just export to Apple TV from iMovie. It will turn out with 540 horizontal lines instead of 720. I guess you could call 540 "barely HD."