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Can the TC function like a server? I work with clients all over the world and would love for folks to be able to access the data on my TC remotely -- the functionality would come in handy when I am traveling as well...

I would like to be able to access the data on my Time Capsule from any internet connection -- is this possible?

Thanks for your help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Hello jkenly. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    Yes, it is possible.

    If your Time Capsule (TC) is configured to be your Internet router, then you only need to do two things to allow access to it from the Internet:

    o Using AirPort Utility, enable both the "Enable file sharing" and the "Share disks over Ethernet WAN port" options on the utility's Disks > File Sharing page.
    o On the utility's Summary page, note the value of IP Address. This will be the TC's WAN-side IP address.

    To access the TC from the Internet, use Finder's Connect to Server option and enter afp://TC's WAN-side IP address in the Server Address box, and then, click on Connect.
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    Make for darn sure you have a STRONG disk access password configured if you plan on doing this. Otherwise, remember that you are letting ALL of your backup data be available on the Internet...

    A much safer way of doing this would be to setup a VPN on your internal network, and connect to that.
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    Thanks for the help here -- Can you give me a quick 101 of the VPN process?

    Thanks much!
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    And I'm also using a router- tell me what is the port# that I should map for TC to get access?
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    And if you want to be able back up your laptop remotely to your Time Capsule at home, you can do that, too, though the process is a bit involved and probably requires MobileMe. You can see the instructions here:
    http://www.macgurulounge.com/2008/11/30/make-time-machine-remotely-back-up-to-yo ur-time-capsule/
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    i just saw people have same ip as as mine, so i think it's not right ip on the summary of airport utility??? also what is the rule on the public and private port?
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    What if I want to access the TC over the internet from a PC, can you please provide instructions on how to connect?

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    I have been trying to implement the instructions you linked to, but to no avail. The setup is easy enough, and adding the TC as a server seems to work if I am on my LAN. The problem I run into is when i go outside of my LAN to connect to the TC. As it is right now i have spent a lot of time connecting to my TC by adding it as a server on my LAN, but i was already doing that with the airport utility.

    -making my dynamic ip usable through www.no-ip.org . . . no problem
    -setting up the TC as per the instructions . . . no problem
    -connecting to the TC as a server by going linking to my afp://www.inserthere.no-ip.og while on my LAN internet access . . . no problem

    -going to the coffee shop to do the same thing . . . problem.

    My ISP says they don't block the SMB or AFP ports . . . I am at a loss, because I think I am almost there, but I am pulling my hair out.

    Please . . . . anyone have a suggestion?