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I have the M-Audio Axiom 25 and I'm trying to use the buttons on the device to play samples. Like if I pressed one of the pads it would play a track on Garage Band.

Garage Band does not seem to support mapping midi controllers...

does anyone know a way I can map an MP3 file to my midi controller? I really do not have the cash to purchase Logic yet.

Maybe there is a cheap usb control pad out there that I can just map mp3s with a program to?

I just really need help... thanks in advance...
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    I'm trying to use the buttons on the device to play samples

    playing samples is easy, you have to build an instrument:


    using the drum pads, i'm less sure about. if you can map them to play the keys you've built the instrument for, it would work

    however, this may not work the way you expect, you can only play a single MIDI track at a time, so you wouldn't be able to, say, play a grand piano track with the controller's keys, and the samples with the pads at the same time (unless you built an instrument that had a piano as well as your samples).