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Hi - stupid question really...
If connected to a wifi network (e.g. at home), does the iphone use this instead of the mobile network, therefore, saving on you data allowance?
Or is there a setting you can change so it does this?

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  • Jason L Community Specialists
    Hey tkoe,

    The iPhone will connect to the Internet over the fastest connection available, Wi-Fi>3G>EDGE.

    +"How iPhone Connects to the Internet+
    +iPhone connects to the Internet using either a Wi-Fi network or a cellular data network.+
    +iPhone does the following, in order, until connected:+
    +Connects over the last Wi-Fi network you used that’s available.+
    +If no previously used Wi-Fi networks are available, iPhone shows a list of Wi-Fi+

    +networks in range. Tap a network and, if necessary, enter the password to join.+
    +Networks that require a password show next to them. You can prevent iPhone+
    +from automatically showing available networks. See “Wi-Fi” on page 102.+
    +If no Wi-Fi networks are available or you choose not to join any, iPhone connects to+
    +the Internet over a cellular data network ( , , or ). You cannot access the iTunes+
    +Wi-Fi Music Store over a cellular data network.+
    +If no Wi-Fi networks are available and a cellular data network isn’t available, iPhone+
    +cannot connect to the Internet. "+ From page 30 of the iPhone User Guide

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    Great, thanks
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    The iPhone uses only one internet connection at the time and if there is an available wi-fi network that you have access to and wi-fi is on, your iPhone will connect to the available wi-fi network first. Leave the range of an available wi-fi network, your iPhone will switch to the cellular network and vice-versa. This process is automatic and seamless as long as you have wi-fi access on. There is no setting for this.

    Once exception if visual voicemail is available with your provider. Visual voicemail messages are downloaded to the iPhone via the cellular network only even when connected to an available wi-fi network.