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I have seen threads about this problem but I have never had it happen myself?

So does anyone know what I need to do about this high pitch whistling noise coming from my mid 2007 Black MacBook?

Should I take it to Apple's GeniusBar?


Black MacBook & 16GB iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 
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    Does it happen all the time, or is it only when the computer is under heaver loads, ie, moving large files, burning disks, rendering, ect. Does it occur as soon as the computer is booted, or does it take some time, As if it takes some time, it may be a fan that is faulty, or a fan that is simply loud. DVD's and CD's can produce a whistle if the drive spins up and down quickly resulting from an unreadable disk or a disk it does not know how to handle. Any information pertaining to the situations when this happens would be very helpful, Thanks.
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    Yes it is constant.

    It is currently "whistling" and I am just browsing the internet.

    iTunes, Skype, iChat, Mail and Safari are all open, but I am not playing any music, and I have had this whistling go on when there are less APP's open.

    It is quite annoying.
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    Does it always happen when fewer apps are open, as if it is only when you have multiple apps open, it could be that. Also, where about from the laptop is the sound coming from, as localizing it will help to solve the problem. What is your current CPU and Memory usage? (found in the Activity Monitor). Anything else about when it started, circumstances regarding its start, or any other ideas would be helpful, even if incorrect. Thanks
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    Nope, right now all I have open is Safari and it is still whistling.

    Here are some screen shots I took of my Activity Monitor.






    It has also been freezing up on me, it has happened twice in the past 2-3 weeks.

    This last time (10 mins ago) I was using Safari for school work and then it went into screensaver mode while I stepped away for a few minutes and then when I returned I could not wake it from screensaver mode, (moving mouse, spacebar, etc nothing) So I held down the power button and it had to restart.
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    If it whistles a different pitch or intensity by lowering or raising the screen brightness the culprit could be a loose transformer on the backlight's inverter board.

    Have you tried logging into another User Account. If doing this cures the noise then it tends to eliminate hardware as the problem.

    In Energy Saver Preferences set the hard drive to go to sleep when possible. Then quit ALL apps and sit and wait till the drive spins down. You should be easily able to hear that if you can hear your hard drive. It sounds like a quiet fan somewhat. If the whistle quits when the drive spins down and then returns when you spin the drive back up it strongly suggests the drive as the culprit.

    Is the noise coming from your speakers. Mute the speaker audio via the F key and see if it stops.

    Try describing the whistle as accurately as you can. Describe the picch, regularity, e.i. is it smooth or rough etc.. Does it come on then off randomly or does it stay on once it first comes on.

    There are a lot of things that can make a sound that can be described as a whistle but they can all be quite different from one another. Saying simply a 'whistle' is to vague.